Sunday, May 1, 2011

5/1/11 Extreme Rules

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk (Last Man Standing): New Nexus banned from ringside again and Punk is pissed. I'm actually feeling sorry for Punk at this point.. Nice use of weapons in this one (kendo stick is one of my favorite weapons to see used). I'm disappointed this feud was really so one-sided. The feud could have been so much better. At least the match was very good, and a very nice ending. ***1/2

Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus (Tables; U.S. Title): Good match for what it was. Nothing really special though, although the final spot was cool. Kofi's champ many times does Kofi Kingston have to win midcard singles gold before hitting the big time? **

Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross vs. Jack Swagger & Michael Cole (Country Whipping Match): The storyline is great for Cole, who gets to be an ass on both RAW and Smackdown. I still hope that the feud ends in the next month or so, though. Cole wrapping himself in bubble wrap was just funny. That was the worst-looking schoolboy rollup I've seen from two male performers. Granted, they're announcers, but still. This gets points for the crowd reaction anyway. 3/4*

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes (Falls Count Anywhere): This match was pretty good. It lived up to its Falls Count Anywhere name by going into the crowd. Rey and Cody fought in the concession stands -- and even used some of their signature moves there. The crowd was into it. Wow, Rey used mist? Not sure if that was green or anything, as Booker and Josh stated on commentary, but I liked it. In the end, sure, it coulda been better. Not sure where the feud goes from here, now that Rey goes to RAW. ***

Layla vs. Michelle McCool (No DQ, No Countout; Loser Leaves WWE): It had already been brewing for at least the last couple of days that Michelle was leaving the company. I did like McCool's work in WWE, and this may be the perfect time for a new heel diva (Kharma, anyone?) to showcase some dominance. I thought it was a decent showing here. Not a lot of time, but it was physical from the start. Virtually all signature moves were hit. Loved the end. *1/2

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio (Ladder; World Heavyweight Title): Good crowd reaction early with the "Let's go Christian!" chants. Great agility from both men. Nice innovation with the stepladder as well. Christian using the spear got a real nice pop. ADR really landed weird when trying to hit a top-rope move on Christian (when Christian was lying down on the ladder). I thought WWE did an outstanding job of utilizing Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay in the match to extend the match a little longer. And Edge at the end...priceless. ****

The Big Show & Kane vs. Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson (Lumberjack; Tag Team Titles): I guess this was just a filler match so that we could get more WWE Superstars on the show and so people could really breathe again after the nice ladder match we just got. Average match. *

John Cena vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison (Cage; WWE Title): Nice action at the start. Good timing with Miz hitting the Skull-Crushing Finale on Cena and Morrison trying to escape the cage. Scary moment on the superplex...Miz pretty much landed on his neck. Cena did a monkey flip to Morrison? Liked the Morrison Starship Pain from the top of the cage. R-Truth interference was obviously gonna happen. Cena and Miz fight on cage again. Good finish, although a side of me still wished Morrison could have broken that last pin up (of course, that wasn't happening to sell the R-Truth beatdown). ***1/2

Final Reviews/Thoughts:
With Orton going to Smackdown and Punk staying on RAW, this will be the end of this feud. I've been reading the last week or so on how Punk has been unhappy with his role in the company (and apparently having Beth Phoenix drafted to RAW was seen by many as a way to keep Punk happy for now).

Tables match was fine and the Country Whipping Match was pretty much a bathroom break unless you're one of the people that really wanted to see Michael Cole get beat up a little.

Regarding Rey/Cody, I've enjoyed this feud because the storyline has boosted Cody's career. If Cody is to be a future main eventer, I prefer the Cody Rhodes now -- with the dark side to him -- than the Dashing one.

Divas match was good for what it was. But the real story...KHARMA DEBUTS! Woohoo! Perfect debut here to take McCool out with the Implant Buster. She made a big impact, all right. Great shot of the divas' shocked/concerned faces in the back.

With Alberto Del Rio going to RAW, it appears WWE is finally allowing Christian to have a run with the World Heavyweight title (no real point in having both big belts on the RAW brand). It's a great feel-good story for Edge and Christian fans as well. While some may see Christian winning because of Edge's retirement, I'll say it again...Christian has paid his dues in the company. He deserves this. Having Edge there and seeing the two embrace...a Kodak moment for sure.

Well, Morrison was not winning due to his storyline with R-Truth, and it was even more obvious Cena was winning when the announcers kept saying it could be Cena's last chance. But hey, it's always nice to have Morrison in matches where he can be a spot monkey. Cena winning? Yeah, that's old hat.

I really liked R-Truth's performance here. He established himself further as a heel, getting the backing of Michael Cole in the process, and R-Truth also got shots in on Cena. R-Truth looked very strong here.

I thought it was a very decent PPV, with multiple strong, PPV-quality matches. ***1/2

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