Friday, May 13, 2011

5/13/11 Smackdown

Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan: ***

Wade Barrett vs. Kane: *3/4

Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase: *

Sheamus & Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton & Christian: **1/2

Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan must have really sent the IWC into a frenzy. I loved it. More from them please!

Great job in making Kharma look good. Layla gets taken out and the whole world wanted to see Cole get his ass kicked. I was marking out hoping for the latter to happen.

Decent match between Barrett and Kane. Ezekiel Jackson is now a face, and I thought it was a nice way to start that off. Jackson gets to look strong for a bit, but Corre also looks strong by getting the last laugh tonight.

Khali Kiss Cam! And yes, with Jinder Mahal showing up later, we’re definitely starting to see the seeds planted for what may be a Khali heel turn. How to get to that conclusion? Khali’s face act has long been stale. The point here is to keep pushing the envelope so that more and more people want to see Khali take Mahal’s head off (much like how WWE has done with Lawler and Cole). However, it’s best for Khali to side with Jinder because Khali has no mic skills (Mahal can be more of the mouthpiece and the wrestler, with Khali being just a guy who takes people out like a monster).

Cody Rhodes is doing a great job with his heel character. The paper bags are a nice touch. And now look at what happens over a couple years: Cody with a promising heel character and push, while DiBiase is really going nowhere.

Interesting conversation between Booker T, Josh Mathews, & Michael Cole regarding Christian defending the World Heavyweight Title a few days after Christian won the belt. Booker defends Christian, while Cole and Mathews side with Teddy Long and Randy Orton. Interesting how Cole, in usually playing the heel role, sides with a face GM, the top Smackdown face (Orton), and the wishes of the WWE Universe to see that title match.

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