Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5/23/11 Tough Enough

Christina was injured at the end of the last episode, but it's just a sprain and she's still in the game.

Charisma is the theme this week. Five left, sink or swim time!

And they are wrestling. Double drop toehold...that's just wrong in a bad way. Austin's been in the biz since 1989 and never seen that. I've certainly never seen that. Jeremiah did not do well in this one.Andy and Luke got props from Bill.

Double-decker bus! Hollywood! James Roday from Psych! Assignment is conducting 10-minute tour of Hollywood Walk of Fame. AJ was was up first, and he didn't perform well at all. Same with Luke. Christina is next and performed even worse. Andy messed up on the trivia and was also pretty bad...turn around and face the people! Jeremiah showing some glimmer of hope here! Jeremiah pretty much won by default.

THE ROCK! YEAH! Easily the most charismatic character I've ever seen. Rock looks awesome in the ring. Christina is definitely bummed she can't have a turn to wrestle with Rock.

Promo time with Bill! Jeremiah did good. Two minutes. I thought Luke was also pretty decent. Christina was indeed timid (as Rock put it) and needed to give me more. Andy was not good at all, didn't bring it. AJ had THE best promo of the day. That's how you do it.

And then Rock did his VINTAGE promo!

Bottom three: Christina, AJ, and Andy. Andy stays, and Christina and AJ go home. I guess AJ's good day wasn't enough....

Next week: MIZ! VIP TREATMENT! Woohoo!

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