Monday, May 30, 2011

5/30/11 Tough Enough

We're down to three!

The TE contestants are gonna take everything they learned. And they're looking good. Trainers are loving it. And then Andy botches a bit and the trainers are all over it. One little mistake can send you home man. More screwups from the other two.

THE MIZ! Woohoo! Photo shoot time pretending you're the WWE champion! Andy definitely out of his element, but loosened up at the end. Luke, on the other hand, looks very comfortable.Jeremiah with no teeth! Shocked Miz, and I like it.

More in-ring training. Andy looking real good. Hell, they all look good in the ring now.

WWE likes to give back to the fans. Visiting the Children's Hospital. Very cool.

Last bit of training. Sequence of moves. Andy came to the dance on this one. Luke has the confidence, that swagger that I like. Jeremiah is an athlete, and also shows he can still have that occasional mess-up.

It's time for all three to pack their bags and find out who's eliminated.

And it's Jeremiah going home, but not by much. Austin is proud of all of them.

Who will the winner be...Andy or Luke? There will be a five-minute live exhibition next week! The winner will be announced after that!

But for now, Steve-weiser celebration!

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