Monday, May 16, 2011

5/16/11 Tough Enough

This week's lesson: creativity. Don't be timid in that ring! Fireman's carry takedowns today. So much for creativity. The contestants are not making the trainers happy right now. Then Andy was just real stiff on Luke, hitting him legit in the nose and then throwing Luke over the top rope nearly on his head. Not the way to do it man....

Bellas, Eve, and Kelly Kelly come to the house. Christina gets a pep talk from Kelly Kelly. I think Christina can go far in the competition if she really gets it going.

Time to get creative with the THQ people and create your own superstar in WWE All-Stars! Jeremiah is "The Natural." Christina is "Mikayla." A.J. is "Jaxon Crash." Luke is "The Future Legend." Andy is "Silent Rage." Martin is "BetterThanU." Looks like fun, but yeah, that game is too cartoony and "arcady" for me. Luke won for most creative. OK, moving on....

Night training session with Booker, two hours. Martin goes down with an injury to his left foot and can't even stand on his foot. Meanwhile, Luke is looking pretty good.

Martin gets bad news: a fractured foot. Doctors are not letting him continue. It's a shame because he really was doing well. I hope he battles back from this setback and makes it to the big time. I'm very happy Austin told Martin he is tough enough. Everyone gave Martin a standing ovation. Now that's a huge compliment man.

Last challenge of the episode. Two minutes, must perform one move from the top rope. Oh man, Christina now down with an injury to her left foot. What the hell is going on here? Austin calls it. No elimination, Austin says, because it looks like Christina is out too.

That episode was just depressing.

But at least I'll end this episode on a high note. Next time, THE ROCK! Woohoo!

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