Friday, August 10, 2012

8/9/12 Impact

Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus: **

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Devon & Garett Bischoff (Tag Team Titles): *3/4

Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles: ****

Miss Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim: *

Bully Ray vs. James Storm: **1/4

Basically, the whole Aces and Eights angle and the Claire Lynch storyline are the two biggest storylines right now. The Bully Ray/Joseph Park deal is still on, but moved more to the backburner.

Bully Ray is a Twitter machine as he tweets to the ring again. Bully Ray is now the leader of the Bully Nation. Bully's contract is also expiring, and hopefully TNA re-signs him. Bully with a promo on Joseph Park and James Storm. Storm out again to prove he's not behind Aces and Eights. We see a video with one guy speaking in a deep voice, probably digitally slowed down. Bully points the finger that the person talking is Storm. Sting invited Aces and Eights, but the group will be there on their time and terms.

The four-way BFG Series matches at Hardcore Justice are 20 points each.

Updated BFG Series standings: Storm in first with 66 points, Samoa Joe with 53, Angle with 41, and Anderson with 40. Disagree with Pope...winning 20 points won't get you back in anything. He'd still only have 27 points and still be in the bottom half of the standings.

BFG Series match between RVD and Magnus. Anderson on commentary. Magnus' career has stalled again since his tag title run with Joe ended. Magnus is still a powerful guy, and showed a couple of impressive moves against RVD. RVD gets the win with the five-star frog splash and 7 points; he's now at 35 overall.

Roode mentions lawyers and contract language he's not happy with. Vintage heel.

Tag title match. Garett and Devon now united as a tag team. Why not still defend that TV Title dammit? Yup, the world tag champions of the world! Redundant! Kaz and Daniels with good tag team moves. Devon with the hot tag, but distractions allow Kaz to nail Devon with the tag title belt and steal the win. Not bad.

Robbie E promo. Who really believes Robbie's winning that tables match? No sense to have him win any more matches. He cuts a promo on Jeff Hardy. Hardy comes out to get some. Vintage slap to Robbie E. Rob Terry to the rescue, putting Jeff through a table.

AJ Styles says he's jetlagged from his long plane ride from Australia, but I couldn't really tell in that match against Angle. Claire Lynch still in the crowd, but you'd think Daniels and Kaz would at least also get her a backstage pass. Claire reminds me a bit of Daffney, but without all that paint and tattoos and stuff. Nice, fluid match here. It's really what people come to expect from these two. Back and forth, kicking out of signature moves. I was convinced AJ had it after hitting the Styles Clash. Huge moves missed, Angle takes advantage with the Angle Slam for three. Outstanding. Yes, more of this. One of the best free TV matches you'll see this year. AJ goes to the back, and Claire has some weird perplexed faces.

Aces and Eights have another target tonight.

Tessmacher and Gail Kim next. Kim interrupts the champ's entrance. Gail in control for much of the match. Tessmacher with a new way to show her finisher, gets three. Finisher is called Tess-Shocker. Still thinking Madison Rayne gets a controversial win at Hardcore Justice. Keep the momentum of the whole Earl Hebner thing going. Madison comes out post-match and plants one on Hebner. Message sent to Tessmacher.

Oh, and by the way, "Wedding: Impossible" will air on Food Network on August 18. Will detail the wedding of Gail Kim and Robert Irvine.

Contract signing with Roode and Aries. Sting oversees everything. Roode has a problem that he doesn't get another shot at Aries as champ if Roode loses. Aries with his own proposal: if he loses the title, no rematch clause for him, either. They shake hands. Roode with the water to Aries' face and runs like a girl. Aries retains somehow on Sunday. Need to keep the Aries momentum going, and hell, TNA just signed Aries to a long-term deal. They're real invested in this guy.

X-Division takes a backseat this week, but Kenny King faces Zema Ion for the title at Hardcore Justice.

Bully Ray and James Storm in the main event. Bully seems off his game, worried more about Aces and Eights. Bully showing more submission moves with a legbar. Good match here. Bubba hits a cutter for three and the win on the BFG Series leader. 7 more points for Bully (now 28). Bully grabs the chain.

Nice cryptic video from Aces and Eights at the end. They will be seeing more of Bully at the PPV. Interfering in the tables match, I guess? A good way to get people to buy the show.

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