Saturday, August 25, 2012

8/23/12 Superstars

Damien Sandow vs. Yoshi Tatsu: **

Drew McIntyre vs. Alex Riley: *1/2

Cody Rhodes vs. Justin Gabriel: ***

Josh Mathews selling his injuries from RAW, so he won't be on Superstars and Smackdown this week.

Sandow faces Yoshi Tatsu this week. Forgot Yoshi was still employed; his screen time has gone way down since last year. Good match here, Yoshi had good offense, but Sandow with his signature moves to end it.

WWE shows the fallout from Lesnar/HHH at SummerSlam. Good job to put Lesnar over and have him "leave" with a win. And yes, he will be back. It will be done somehow. Lesnar helps on ratings and media coverage enough for WWE to care.

McIntyre and A-Ry is next. Two very good talents that unfortunately can't break through the glass ceiling. McIntyre still with that cast on his left wrist and hand. Too bad they only got a short match; McIntyre is deceivingly great in longer bouts. A-Ry with a rollup for three here.

Punk and Cena stuff from RAW. Great segment to clearly show Punk's heel character. Promos were all outstanding.

Gabriel and Cody close the show with a lengthy match. Impressive technical wresting from Gabriel this week. Gabriel wears the two forearm sleeves so people won't tell which one was the surgically repaired one, but all anyone has to do is listen to the commentators say it was the left arm. Yeah, gotta love how that makes sense. Blame the announcing? Cody with a great job working on JG's left arm throughout the match. Nice simple counter into the Cross-Rhodes for three.

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