Saturday, August 4, 2012

8/2/12 Superstars

Tyson Kidd vs. Heath Slater: ***

Layla vs. Natalya: *

Cody Rhodes vs. Justin Gabriel: ***1/2

Kidd and Slater start things off this week. Nice to see Kidd get a nice pop from the crowd. Major props for the lengthy match. Back and forth things went. Both guys had chances to win. Crowd into it. No complaints.

Divas match next between Layla and Natalya. I keep forgetting Layla is still the Divas champ; shows just how much Vince cares about the title. Nattie plays an OK whiny heel. Match had some flow, but still scattered at times. Layla wins with a kick to the head.

Gabriel and Cody in the main event. Cody countered with a sick powerbomb on the floor, and Gabriel barely made it back in. JG growing his hair out, kinda looking like a smaller Mason Ryan now. Not sure why JG slapped his hand on the mat three times after (sorta) hitting that corkscrew on Cody...maybe just didn't like that he almost missed it? Impressive main event and an awesome Superstars.

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