Saturday, August 18, 2012

8/17/12 Smackdown

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Miz & Cody Rhodes: **

Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks vs. two unnamed jobbers: N/A (WTF?)

Eve Torres vs. Kaitlyn: 1/2*

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan: **3/4

Antonio Cesaro vs. Zack Ryder: 1/4*

Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio: **1/2

We're at the University of Texas for this one. Alberto Del Rio starts the show. Typical "let's hold the show hostage until we get answers" promo. Booker shows up. Alberto spoke to lawyers. Wait, JERICHO?! Typical Y2J face promo. Jericho with a nice Spanish lesson. Jericho and ADR tonight. Good move, Booker.

Mysterio and Sin Cara team up tonight, woohoo! Cody still all obsessed with masks after all these months. Sin Cara still with the lucha stuff. Rey gets the hot tag here. Cody still goes for Sin Cara's mask and it costs him. 619 to Cody, then the splash gets three. Fun match, crowd loved it. Miz tries to get Rey after the match, but gets a 619 as well. I can't see Mysterio with the IC Title, he doesn't need it.

Reks and Hawkins come out to no music and in street clothes. Random choreographed dance spot and they actually do have ring gear underneath. Just think Brodus Clay-like stuff, really. Those are either wrestling trunks or underwear, but whatever. There's a lot of gyrations from Hawkins. They still have that powerslam-neckbreaker tag finisher, and they get three on two unnamed jobbers. So the dance music is the entrance music. Well played, fellas.

Regal has to be the world's best-dressed janitor when talking with Eve. He's awesome.

Divas match. Eve and Kaitlyn, winner gets to be Booker's assistant. Kaitlyn in her home state of Texas, so my initial guess is that she loses. Still feels weird that Eve's a heel but has such upbeat music...and Eve has a new Titantron where it's no longer heavy on the "executive assistant" clips. As expected, Eve hits a snap swinging neckbreaker-like move and she's the new assistant.

Daniel Bryan is getting such awesome crowd reactions, thanks to the whole "YES" and "NO" stuff. ROFL at DB having the "YES NO" war with a fan. Very physical match here. They work pretty well together. DB worked on Orton's left knee all match. DB gets the NO lock in, then Kane pyros, lights, and music! No Kane. DB gets back in the ring and eats an RKO to end it.

Santino at ringside. #1 contender's match tonight with Antonio and Ryder. Antonio says "loser" in five languages. Short match that we all knew Antonio would win. A pieface and a shove to Santino after the match. Just give Cesaro the title already. Santino's virtually done nothing with the belt.

Main event time with Jericho and Del Rio. Josh Mathews calls Cole "Stephen A. Smith," which is basically an insult to Smith. ADR targets Jericho's ribs. Oh yeah, Ziggler's at ringside too. Walls of Jericho applied to ADR. Jericho kicked off, and low bridge from Ziggler sends Y2J outside. Ziggler tosses Jericho back in. Running enzuigiri basically missed Jericho but still gets three.

ADR with cross armbreaker on Jericho after the match, as Ziggler taunts away. Sheamus to the rescue. Sheamus wants the title match back on, and Booker relents. Perhaps this is how ADR wins the title at the PPV.

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