Friday, August 17, 2012

8/16/12 Impact

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus: *1/2

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels: ***1/2

Miss Tessmacher vs. Madison Rayne (Knockouts Title): *1/4

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy: **1/2

Aries promo to start the show and he tells the doubters to go "fluk" themselves. Love it. Enter Jeff Hardy, who calls out Aces and Eights because Hardy feels they cost him 20 points. Bully Ray next to state his case for the title. Aces and Eights with the promo and the altered deepened voice. They'll be making their presence felt later in the show.

Magnus and Joe in a BFG Series match, former tag partners collide. Good mat wrestling here, hard-hitting and straightforward. Magnus got out of the choke, but Joe with a nice rollup for three. Seven more points for the pin, 61 overall for Joe. Magnus "snaps" and hits Joe's arm with the chair. Yeah, I'm not caring much about this. Magnus frankly has turned face and heel several times during his time with the company. He's good as a heel, but really needs a push to make it worth it.

Madison Rayne is the Knockouts champ again, and Tessmacher meets her in the ring. But first, Madison and Earl Hebner again! Brooke Hogan comes out, and what the hell kind of outfit is that? Short enough? No more Earl in Knockouts matches. Tessmacher gets her rematch. And a new female ref tonight.

Aces and Eights come for Brooke Hogan. TNA roster to the rescue, and Storm lags behind just to show his face. Sting promo afterward. Open Fight Night next week, and Sting's team calls out Aces and Eights at the top of the show. Good move, love that.

Now AJ, Daniels, and Kaz are all bad-mouthing the Claire Lynch character. Styles and Daniels in the ring tonight. If AJ wins, he gets a paternity test. If he loses, he accepts that he's the dad. WTF. Stipulation makes no sense. Really? Just accept you're the dad? That's just weak. Horrible storyline.

Kaz is banned from ringside for the match. Love it, gotta let AJ and Daniels go one-on-one. Nice kick from Daniels, wonder if he ever tried to be a kicker for the football team. This is wrestling here, fellas. Modified submission holds, nice innovative stuff -- and unlike WWE commentators, I don't use the word "innovative" very often. I'll never get tired of watching these two go at it. I just wish we had a better storyline. Anyway, Kaz tries to interfere, but Brian Hebner saw what happened. AJ wins with that Pele kick. Yay paternity test. But we all knew that was how this had to go down.

Storm will be out there when Hardy and Bully go at it, you know, just to make sure no Aces and Eights.

Roode promo. Gotta give it to him, he and Aries really put on a show at Hardcore Justice. But now, no more title shots if Aries is champ. Roode basically on a long-winded, rant-filled promo. Basically, now Roode has no idea what to do for goal aspirations. Tosses the mic down and leaves. He'll get a title shot again, but let Aries run with the belt. It's the normal cycling of main eventers.

Gut Check next week. Tragic background story involved, but would make for a great moment if he got a contract. At least the people TNA picks are good choices in that sense.

Knockouts title time. Brooke Hogan slips as she introduces Taryn Terrell. Yeah, you know, she was once with Drew McIntyre and had that "Tiffany" character in WWE. Love the female ref outfit. Taz needs more visuals because Velvet Sky is no longer there to let the pigeons loose. Madison now can't get away with anything, so Tessmacher got the win. Unfortunate. I actually wanted the Hebner deal to keep going so Madison can have a good reign. Otherwise, why even take the title off Tessmacher in the first place?

BFG Series standings top five: Storm with 66, Joe 61, RVD 55, Angle and Bully with 48. Top five move on, which is why you want to be there. Unfortunately, Pope has a broken collarbone, which is why TNA had Aces and Eights take him out.

Main event time with Bully and Hardy. Bully kicked out of the Swanton, wow. Hardy lands on Storm because Bully pulled Hardy in the way. Whisper in the Wind leads to double KO spot. Enter two of the Aces and Eights members. Aries, Styles, Sting, and Angle chase them away. Hardy with Twist of Fate and rollup for three. Bully no-sells it later and immediately decks Hardy.

Last Call superkick hits Hardy instead of Bully. Aces and Eights back in the ring -- four guys this time. Slow clap to Storm, then they take him out as we all figured they would. End show.

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