Saturday, August 4, 2012

8/3/12 Smackdown

Sheamus vs. Tensai: **1/4

Antonio Cesaro vs. Santino Marella: *

Miz, Daniel Bryan, & Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho, Christian, & Kane: **1/2

Ryback vs. Jinder Mahal: N/A

Darren Young vs. R-Truth: 3/4*

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio: **

Cole and Josh Mathews on commentary. Vince quickly starts the show and names Booker T the new Smackdown GM. Since Cole's been so high on AJ's performance, it only seems fitting he'll crap all over Booker's GM tenure. At least Cole's happy Booker's no longer on commentary and that Teddy Long's not the GM.

ADR calls Sheamus a red-headed hooligan (well, as a kid Sheamus apparently was one). Booker quickly puts ADR in his place. Alberto's competing tonight against Orton. Sheamus faces Tensai now.

Did you really think Sheamus was losing this? It gives Tensai more reason to keep beating up Sakamoto. Mathews now says Sheamus is 6'4". Did Sheamus shrink a couple inches from all the fighting? This whole "international sensation" deal is backfiring on Sin Cara and Tensai, isn't it? Awkward spot with Tensai on the second rope just waiting to get hit. Sitdown powerbomb only got two on Sheamus, so you knew that was it for Tensai. Running Brogue Kick off the ropes scores three. Sakamoto subject to another beatdown later, I'm guessing.

Eve now sucking up to Booker T, predictable. Teddy Long gets a job and Eve doesn't. We all saw that one coming. Senior Advisor FTW!

Antonio says hello is five languages. I'm sure even I can do that one. Cobra strikes early, but Cesaro's foot under the bottom rope. Antonio hits Neutralizer and pins the U.S. champ. Not that has meant much lately.

While Daniel Bryan is the latest to go mentally unstable, we get a six-man tag. Crowd only chants "YES" even louder. Gotta love it. Oh, and DB's finisher is now the NO lock. What's next, the I DON'T KNOW lock? Great six-man tag. Jericho looks like he's gonna win, then Vickie distraction and DB rollup for three.

With Jinder Mahal being a big asset for the Indian population now that Khali is again sidelined after more surgery (something about a growth on his pituitary gland to prevent that disease that led to Andre's death), I'm not too sure if feeding him to Ryback is the best move. But then again, if it actually means more screen time for Mahal, then I don't think he'll mind very much. Just watch out for the stiff lariats.

More chicanery from Mahal, resorting to using a microphone to lose by DQ. Still no effect. Good way to build the feud (which is what I'm assuming is happening) while keeping Ryback strong. No rating here.

Primetime Players with AW are back on. AW got reprimanded for his Kobe Bryant sexual assault reference on RAW (and heat from the locker room), but I guess it didn't stop him too much otherwise. Darren Young in singles action against R-Truth. Numbers game catches up to Boom Jimmys. D-Young hits his gutbuster for three. Match was what...2-3 minutes?

Layla congratulates Booker on the GM job. Cody gets Sin Cara next week. So Booker, how about rejuvenating a divas division that coulda actually meant something by now? Can we get Sara Del Rey to the main roster pronto? How about more Beth Phoenix?

Orton now has more of a shaved mohawk look since returning on RAW. ADR with a few big shots on Orton, including a big kick right to the face in the corner. Ricardo causes the DQ when Orton tried to make the comeback. No RKO tonight...never mind, Sheamus throws ADR back into the ring, and there's your RKO.

Booker T with a nice job as a face GM. I guess AJ's more of a tweener GM for now, being rebellious on heel Punk but not necessarily making decisions favoring just "good guys" or only "bad guys."

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