Saturday, August 4, 2012

8/2/12 Impact

Austin Aries & Kenny King vs. Bobby Roode & Zema Ion: **3/4

Bully Ray vs. Robbie E: N/A (semi-squash)

Madison Rayne vs. Tara vs. Gail Kim vs. Mickie James: **1/2

Chavo Guerrero vs. Kid Kash: *3/4

James Storm vs. Kurt Angle: **

So that whole Aries/King vs. Roode/Ion match that was the main event? Yeah, the brawl begins at the beginning of the show. Crowd was nuts throughout the match. Roode stays scared of Aries once the match begins, but at least came in for offense on Kenny King. Typical heel tactics keep Aries at bay. Aries still got in to take Roode out. King hits his finisher on Ion for three.

Sting, James Storm, and Angle further the whole Aces and Eights storyline. From what I'm reading, the main guy behind everything is still supposed to be Jeff Jarrett, and Storm will just be the on-screen guy to blame everything on until then. If only the Nexus storyline went more like this and didn't lose all that momentum....

Who the hell keeps a damn martini glass in a locker?! Keep classy, Daniels.

Three big four-way BFG Series matches at Hardcore Justice. First, a Ladder match between Styles, Angle, Daniels, and Joe. Falls Count Anywhere match with Anderson, RVD, Pope, and Magnus. Finally, a Tables match between Hardy, Storm, Bully, and Robbie E.

BFG Series match between Robbie and Bully. Bully is now a Tweet machine. Whatever happened to the calfzilla thing? Bully with a quick win on Robbie.

Earl Hebner gives Madison Rayne gifts. Aww. Madison says Earl would never screw the ring. DOUBLE LOL.

A great four-way Knockouts match between Madison, Tara, Gail, and Mickie. Tessmacher on commentary. Lots of counters, and the match flowed pretty well. Earl's questionable officiating took center stage at the critical moments, but he otherwise called it down the middle as usual. It's a great way to make things seem innocuous, yet so effective and sneaky. Even Tessmacher got fooled with the decision, but hey, the smarks in Internet land knew better. Mickie pinned last week, Tara pinned this week, Gail screwed at least twice during this match.

Knockouts tag titles haven't been defended in eons. Eric Young's debuting a fishing show. Why haven't they taken the titles off him and ODB yet? Then again, why are the titles still existing? With people like Velvet and Angelina Love now gone from TNA, the roster's taken a serious blow, and frankly, they're better off just having the Knockouts singles belt and nothing more.

Time for Chavo's first TNA match against Kid Kash. Can't go wrong with two veterans. Even Grandma Guerrero is in the house. Hernandez and Gunner are also out to watch. Not bad here. Three Amigos and Frog Splash win it.

Wes Brisco shows up with Kurt Angle. Brisco probably now a lock to be one of the Aces and Eights members, especially after Devon and Garett Bischoff show up to tell Angle they'll be down there during the match. Oh, and whatever happened to defending that TV each week? I miss that.

Claire Lynch baby shower by Kaz and Daniels. AJ Styles in Australia. Claire has the creepy look down pat. Crowd's pretty much not too interested right now. Do the right thing, AJ! God, I'm really not caring for this storyline right now....

Tweetfabe? That's a new one.

Storm and Angle in a BFG Series battle. 2nd and 3rd place square off in the main event. More matches next week. Sting, Aries, Devon, Garett, and Bully out there as promised. Your usual Kurt Angle match here. Angle holds Storm in the ankle lock for eons. Storm with a kick to the head, then Last Call on one leg for three. Wished the crowd actually cared more about the match, but I'm sure they were all waiting for Aces and Eights. Seven points for Storm.

No Aces and Eights tonight. Roode quick to explain Storm won so he didn't need any help. Frankly, while watching, it was the only good explanation I could think of myself. Crowd seemed to lose the fire and passion they had at the start of the show, though.

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