Friday, July 6, 2012

7/5/12 Superstars

Primo vs. Titus O'Neil: *3/4

Kofi Kingston vs. Rob Cabildo: *

Antonio Cesaro vs. Alex Riley: *3/4

Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger: ***

AW introduces Titus and Darren. Titus faces Primo in singles action. Yay for actually crafting some type of storyline for everyone here. AW of course still on that headset mic so his voice is audible all the time. Titus with the methodical power game. Amused that Striker says AW wears that headset microphone everywhere he goes. AW on the apron, Epico takes out D-Young. Primo rolls up Titus for three. Pretty good for what it was.

Kofi faces some unknown jobber. Cabildo actually gets in more offense than I thought he would. Kofi with the short comeback with signature moves, and Trouble in Paradise ends it.

Antonio Cesaro in action against A-Ry. Riley does that LeBron-like move of throwing the powder in the air. Still like the whole "kicked out of the league for being too aggressive in rugby" gimmick. Cesaro controls early, then A-Ry with the comeback. A-Ry gets a few near falls, but Cesaro eventually with the Neutralizer for three. Better match than I thought it would be.

Ryder gets a nice pop coming down. He's got a title belt design on his tights...internet champ, I guess? Remember when Swagger would get the pyros when doing those pushups? Not anymore. Great back-and-forth stuff. Several near falls after signature moves. Impressive ending. Didn't know Swagger could jump over the top rope -- right into the Rough Ryder for three. Good lengthy match.

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