Friday, July 13, 2012

7/12/12 Superstars

Hunico vs. Justin Gabriel: ***3/4

Alicia Fox & Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya: *1/2

Jinder Mahal vs. Alex Riley: **3/4

A-Ry faces Jinder again?! This is just one of the things I can't stand about WWE. Why the hell are these two going at it when there's really ZERO progress on this whole thing? Or if there was some type of angle, I plumb forgot already. It's the same damn thing recycled over and over. And you wonder why people piss on WWE these days.

Gabriel and Hunico for what seems like the zillionth time as well. Not sure if I want Matt Striker to put me and Justin Bieber in the same sentence. Announcers seem more on Hunico's side, telling more back story that we haven't really heard before. Loved the hurricanrana into your living room, pretty much. Camera down! Good crowd reaction on the Gabriel comeback. Hunico shows great strength, pretty much deadlifting Gabriel into a powerbomb-like move for two. Gabriel tries the AJ Styles backflip into a DDT and Hunico with a sweet counter for two. Very pleased with this match. Just a ton of near falls; lots of agility; both guys had huge chances to win. Hunico had to grab the tights to win. Now if they actually crafted a storyline....

Oh, we have divas other than AJ on the roster? What do you do with them? Put four in a tag match and see what happens. Beth's had the most screen time of any of these ladies and is vital to the division (not that really means anything to Vince). Natalya hasn't been happy with reduced TV time, but I'm sure she's not alone on that. Alicia probably only has that fox hoodie going for her these days. Kaitlyn's in a tough position as well, since I wouldn't call her RAW or Smackdown-ready, but she's basically booted off NXT for other talent. That leaves Superstars, if anything, but she's not always gonna be on that show. If not wrestling, Kaitlyn and other divas are probably getting 5-30 seconds of backstage segment time.

If Sara Del Rey does come to WWE, I hope: (1) they push her as a huge threat to the Divas title immediately, and (2) they don't hold anything back. They'll likely change her ring name...that's fine as long as it's not some horrible/comical choice.

Beth and Natalya back as Pinup Strong, I guess. Why the hell did WWE halt that? Alicia has immense talent, and thanks to this match, I'm reminded of that. Why Alicia isn't on TV more, I have no clue, either. Even Kaitlyn looks pretty good here, great backbreaker on Natalya. Kaitlyn steals one with an inside cradle on Beth. A better match than I expected. Good amount of action, and the crowd seemed to care.

This whole AJ love triangle is a huge boost to AJ's career. And yes, Daniel Bryan certainly has a goat face with that beard. Great stuff.

A-Ry gets a pretty good reaction, and he throws that powder up like LeBron James. I think he's got a great future, but he needs a good storyline. He sorta had one with Miz, but that fell off quick and didn't help Alex one freakin' bit. Riley has great entrance music to end up main eventing, but will he ever get there?

Striker trying to provide more heel commentary throughout the show, and thankfully, he's nowhere close to annoying Michael Cole. Yet, Matt does give credit to the faces when applicable. Good back-and-forth action between A-Ry and Jinder. At least the benefit of working so many matches with the same person develops chemistry. No clue when they changed the name of A-Ry's finisher to Sudden Death. Good finish into a Jinder Camel Clutch for the win.

Good crowd this week really helped the match ratings. Hunico and Gabriel get a gold star again, in my opinion.

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