Thursday, July 5, 2012

7/4/12 NXT

Sofia Cortez vs. Paige: *1/4

Seth Rollins vs. Camacho: *

Jake Carter & Corey Graves vs. CJ Parker & Nick Rogers: *

Kassius Ohno vs. Mike Dalton: *1/4

Jinder Mahal vs. Derrick Bateman: *1/2

Michael McGillicutty, Hunico, & Camacho vs. Tyson Kidd, Bo Dallas, & Seth Rollins: **1/4

JR and Saxton start the show, and it's new divas time! Sofia Cortez is a Puerto Rican. Paige only gets a mention in the ring and billed as a grappler from England. Paige has that emo look going. Sofia showing a bit of lucha libre. Lots of attitude, which I like. Awesome finish countering into a DDT. Sofia with a nice win. Might need to work on moving around the ring better to get to their next spot, but otherwise, pretty nice.

Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) debuts tonight. Can't wait to see his match.

No bike for Hunico and Camacho this week. Camacho's jobbing to Seth Rollins, who I still say looks like a super-crazed, high-energy CM Punk. Camacho gets in a good amount of offense in the beginning. Rollins really only got a few moves late. Hunico fails at interference twice, and that Blackout stomp to the back of the head wins it for Seth.

Hunico and Camacho beatdown Rollins. Bo Dallas comes out for the save. Nice to see these two together in the ring after their great FCW match. Tag team match probably next week?

Speaking of tag matches, we get one now. Jake Carter and Corey Graves look like two male magazine models for a clothing store. They apparently live life to the fullest, work hard, and party hard. I'm sure the ladies like what they see. Another team (Parker and Rogers) already in the ring, so it's pretty obvious who the attention was supposed to be on (and who's winning). Carter is Vader's son, and I'm glad he doesn't have Vader's body. Basic match with little crowd reaction. Nice double-team finisher for Carter and Graves, called Bottoms Up. It's a running powerslam-neckbreaker combo.

Dark, evil video package for Kassius Ohno. Guess he's coming in as a heel. Lance Storm trained Mike Dalton. Guess you'll hear Kassius scream "OH NO!" in the ring. Cobra Clutch is is Ohno's arsenal. Glad they kept that rolling discus elbow as his finisher. It sounds lethal and can be done on anyone. I like the one where Ohno would basically deliver it to the back of his opponent's neck. Perhaps that's down the road.

Ohno's promo at the end has a mix of serious and humor -- the latter really being that whole "OH NO!" deal. Not sure what to think about that. Personally right now, I'm not very high on it if WWE wants Ohno as a heel.

That's four matches in the first half of the show. Geez.

Bray Wyatt video again. He's recovering from a shoulder injury. Can't wait to see him in the ring.

Bateman and Jinder square off, two low midcard guys looking for any relevancy to be on the show other than to job. Pretty good by Jinder to break Bateman's fall on that suicide dive. Announcers mention Bateman's left knee, but Derrick doesn't sell it on the comeback. Adrenaline? Running flip neckbreaker from Bateman only got two. Bateman's real finisher blocked twice. Jinder knee to the back and Camel Clutch end it.

Oh remember I thought a tag match with Rollins and Dallas as partners was gonna be next week? It's actually happening this week -- in a six-man tag format. Bring along guys like Tyson Kidd and McGillicutty. I'm happy with that. Just oozing with incredible potential here.

Oh, William Regal joins Saxton and Ross on color for this one. Amazing Kidd counter from a Hunico Gordy Special into a sunset flip pinning predicament (only two). Bo's hot tag really wasn't so. Hunico now has the world's toughest bandanna. Kidd a house of fire off the tag. Bo knocks Camacho off the apron and Camacho's holds his knee for a second or so. Rollins off the top taking out three guys. McGillicutty with a chop block and the running neckbreaker for three. Nice spot from Hunico and Camacho to prevent the new NXT crop from making the save. MM avenges his loss from the other week. Basically the best match of the night by default.

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