Wednesday, July 4, 2012

7/3/12 Smackdown (GAB)

Great Khali & Layla vs. Antonio Cesaro & Aksana: DUD

Cody Rhodes vs. Christian: **1/2

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alex Riley: *

Santino Marella, Sgt. Slaughter, & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Drew McIntyre, Hunico, & Camacho: 1/2*

Ryback vs. Curt Hawkins: N/A (squash)

20-Man Battle Royal: **3/4

It's the Great American Bash on a live Super Smackdown!

There's a party backstage to celebrate the Fourth of July. Natalya speaks English, Yoshi speaks Japanese, Hunico and Camacho with some Spanglish. Sounds good to me. Eve is pouting and sporting a maid outfit. I'm sure fantasies have been sparked all over the world. ROFL, Kane lights the grill. Awesome.

Alberto DelRio starts the show. Footage shown of him nuking Sin Cara on RAW. Heel promo to the fans that are apparently illegal. Show Alberto your papers! He singles out one planted fan. Out comes Sheamus and they brawl. Numbers game gives ADR the upper hand. ADR with the hood of the car multiple times to Sheamus.

Mixed tag with Antonio/Aksana vs. Khali/Layla, thanks to Teddy Long. Khali chops hard. Layla also slaps hard -- to Aksana's rear. Best part was how little Khali was involved. Layla with the Layout for three.

Foley's first WWE title win on the first RAW of 1999 was hella memorable. I remember marking out for that one big time. One of those times where Bischoff giving away taped RAW results bit WCW in the ass.

Cody gets another MITB match tonight, thanks to the Board of Directors. Long says Cody will face Christian. Great chemistry between these two. Lots of near falls and counters. Awesome finishing sequence ends with Cross Rhodes for three. Cody's going to MITB. Well deserved.

Slater's booed out of the area for doing his same crappy One Man Band song. Ryder plays Brodus' music and everyone dances. Yay?

Another MITB match. A-Ry only gets a mention in the ring. He faces Ziggler, so A-Ry's screwed here. Much more exciting than I thought it would be. A-Ry even got a few close near falls. Zigzag gets the win for Ziggler.

World Heavyweight MITB Ladder Match now has Kidd, Christian, Sandow, Tensai, Santino, Cody, and Ziggler. To me, Ziggler is  the clear favorite here (Christian is a threat as well, but Ziggler's got the longer and brighter future), and Kidd is likely the dark horse. Not sure how many more will be added. Probably up to three more, I'd guess.

Cole interviews AJ. Good luck with that, Cole. But first a long video package to show what happened on RAW. Now I envy Punk for that liplock with AJ. Cole hits on AJ, which amused me to no end. Thank you Cole for keeping your shirt on. YES Daniel Bryan comes out (limping) to shoo Cole away. DB is all nice to AJ. Punk comes out gingerly also selling the injuries. Punk shoos Cole away again.

DAMMIT DANIEL BRYAN, you get a long freakin' makeout session with AJ. Green, jealous panda here. Very envious. Punk exits the ring. AJ stops Punk. OMGWTFBBQ PUNK GETS THE LIPLOCK NOW. Mega jealous envious green panda now.

Santino teams with two WWE legends who waved the U.S. flag a lot during their careers (Slaughter and Hacksaw). Didn't expect much out of this one anyway. Crowd was only in it for the legends and Santino. Cobra wins it (duh), and the faces celebrate.

Sandow is the party pooper here. Ryder and Sandow brawl. So the WWE locker room backs Ryder but don't want to help Ryder fight?  Zack throws the punch -- and it goes on Eve. Hmm, Eve's all pink and wet. Don't get any dirty ideas.

Wait, Ryback gets a REAL wrestler to fight? Finally! Well, it's only Curt Hawkins, but it's still better than some unknown jobber. I wish he fought BOTH Hawkins and Reks, though. Reks wishes Hawkins well. Don't think Curt wanted to win this alleged coin toss. Very obvious "GOLD-BERG!" chants. Short squash match for Ryback. But hey, it's better than what we've seen the last few weeks.

Remember when all that real money fell from the rafters when Trump was on RAW five years ago? Wish I was there for that.

Jael de Pardo from SyFy's "Haunted Highway" in the front row behind the announcers. Pretty good looking, at least to me.

Long announces the Battle Royal for the main event. Winner is GM for next week's Smackdown. Seems like it. All the big names are in there, including Cena. Show gets his dominant spots. Punk basically eliminates himself and DB. Yay for Kane chokeslamming Show. Crowd goes nutso when Cena gets his SuperCena moment. Show takes Cena and Christian out. Ziggler sleeper on Show, but Kane boot knocks both Show and Ziggler out. Down to Kane and Ryder. How about that for some back story -- that Josh Mathews actually brings up! Nice way for Ryder to win. Should be an entertaining Smackdown next week.

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