Friday, December 9, 2011

12/9/11 Smackdown

Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson: *1/4

Zack Ryder vs. Heath Slater: N/A

Ted DiBiase vs. Jinder Mahal: 1/2*

Sheamus vs. David Otunga: *

Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes: *3/4

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler: **1/4

The deal with Cody Rhodes and Booker T intensifies. Curious to see how much Booker has left in the tank for wrestling. Really liking Cody's promos week in and week out. And he gets to do color commentary!

But hey, Lilian Garcia is BACK! Oh yes! God, how I've missed her on TV. Can Rock come to Smackdown just once so we can have a vintage Rock/Lilian moment?

It's a "Beat the Clock" challenge this week. Winner (who must have won his match) chooses the stipulation for TLC. First up is Barrett, who gets Big Zeke. Not bad here, but at 7:53, Barrett ain't winning this challenge.

Otunga's talk with Teddy Long may remind people why lawyers can have a bad rep. Damn legalese....

The whole deal with Daniel Bryan and Michael Cole is nearing a couple of years now. Cole's rarely ever had anything good to say about DB. At this rate, it seems like I'd have a better shot to score a date with AJ than Cole having any respect for DB (given Daniel stays face). I kinda wish Daniel would go heel sometimes (the beard would do wonders there), just so Cole could shut up.

Oh, and while I typed this, Ryder scored a squash win over Slater. Wait, Ryder gets a squash win?! Holy cow.

So now this whole Jinder and Ted dealie moves to Smackdown. Again, it failed to really keep my attention. Too many short matches. At least the crowd was happy.

Big Show and Mark Henry face off in the ring. Things end badly for Mark. Still can't understand why he'd continue to provoke Big Show. Not smart....

So this is how Hornswoggle moves on from here. The guy can talk! Not bad on announcing here. Sheamus didn't take long in dismantling Otunga.

Can someone mute Michael Cole during a Daniel Bryan match? Please? Yeah, just Cole. I still like the crowd and all. Booker out to go after Rhodes. Hey, was Aksana making a pass at Cody backstage? More fresh meat for her.

Orton and Ziggler may have had less than 8 minutes, but they did very well. Very exciting finish. Nice way of Barrett showing what type of match he'd like (tables). Orton nukes Ziggler on the table...poor Dolph. Tables match it is!

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