Thursday, December 22, 2011

12/21/11 NXT

Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso vs. Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman: *

Curt Hawkins vs. Trent Barreta: *

Kaitlyn vs. Maxine: DUD

Tyson Kidd vs. Percy Watson: *1/4

Titus O'Neil vs. JTG: *

This season is 42 weeks old already? Good grief man. This week should be the last time we hear Eden Stiles announcing in the ring...she got her release from WWE earlier this week. She promptly stated she's dating Cody Rhodes. Good for them.

Bateman briefly talked about Maxine, but Johnny Curtis then came out to his generic-sounding porn music. Oh, they were made tag partners. Usos entered to their Siva Tau. Bateman walked out on Curtis, basically sealing the Usos victory. Didn't really keep my interest much.

Reks and Hawkins jumped Yoshi Tatsu and locked him in a broom closet or something. Match was fairly slow in the early going...even the announcers didn't seem to really be into it. I dunno why, but I like Barreta's twitter handle (@trentylocks). Hawkins finisher just looked horrible this time. It can look good, though.

Kaitlyn comes out to basically no reaction. WWE scrapped the heel turn for Kaitlyn (which wasto air on Smackdown a couple weeks ago), yet there's no AJ to accompany Kaitlyn this week. Maxine still getting no reaction. This match just brings back horrid memories of their NXT abomination in Season 3. Luckily, it wasn't nearly as bad this time. They've gotten more comfortable performing, I can tell. Maxine did a decent job with that guillotine submission -- but it seems like only Daniel Bryan would get a reaction from that. Yeah, good timing, Derrick. But we all knew that was coming. Good guilty face from Bateman.

What is it with divas and first name-only ring names? Of course, not all of them go by just one name, but for whatever reason, it's irked me for some time. I wouldn't mind it if it was some obvious stage name ("Kharma" comes to mind), but other than that, I'm not a huge fan of the one-word name thing.

That was the worst serenade ever from Bateman. Curtis jumped Bateman from behind. Maxine walked away from both of them. Crowd really didn't care about that, either.

Poor Tyson Kidd. Even though he won this week, he's firmly entrenched in the midcard, with no foreseeable way out. Earlier in 2011, he was having good matches with the likes of Yoshi Tatsu and Trent Barreta. For some reason, I liked Tyson with that little "crown" strip of hair on his head (and otherwise a chrome dome). It made him stand out a little more. But hey, at least he's getting screen time.

Wait, since when does Matt Striker have his own office? And a guitar in there, no less. Anyway, no clue why they only just scheduled Bateman vs. Curtis for next week. That shoulda been done weeks ago.

Darren Young has his left arm in a sling from Titus' actions last week. This crowd is just one cares for anything. Another short match that lacked a real flow. Crowd again didn't care. Of course, there was nothing wrong with Young's arm to begin with, so he and JTG attacked Titus.

There were many problems with this show -- and many flaws in this whole NXT concept. While I've liked that they did away with those stupid challenges (which mean ZERO to me), the storylines are too generic or cheesy, and the matches aren't that great. I'd rather see a couple of good storylines and two killer matches than fit four meager matches on the show with a couple of bad storylines. The deal with Darren Young and Titus O'Neil has potential to be decent if they can elicit even more rage out of Titus AND if WWE allows some type of extreme rules match to take place. I don't want Titus to become another form of John Cena (being the goody-two-shoes guy).

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