Friday, December 23, 2011

12/22/11 Impact

AJ Styles & Kazarian vs. Rob Van Dam & Christopher Daniels: *1/2

Anthony Nese vs. Zema Ion: *3/4

Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher: DUD

Eric Young & ODB vs. Shannon Moore & Anarquia: *1/4

Sting & Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode & Bully Ray (Street Fight): **1/4

Bully Ray has a Santa hat on...Ray's got a big head -- literally. In the meantime, I like Roode's entrance music. Roode wants to be suspended so he can take some time off and enjoy the holidays. Cue Jeff Hardy. Genesis is January 8, and Hardy's going after the title. Tag match tonight between Bully/Roode and Hardy/partner of his choosing. Joker Sting is out! There's your partner tonight....

Wild card tag match with four guys who can really wrestle. Nice. Figure on paper, Kaz and Styles have the advantage since they get along. Crowd was into this one. Daniels not willing to tag in, so RVD getting snubbed a bit. Blind tag from Daniels as RVD looked for Rolling Thunder. It even knocked a camera guy off the ring apron...not sure if that last part was planned. Daniels tries to tag RVD, but got tagged with a foot to the head. Fade to Black from Kaz ended it.

Nese and Ion in the second match of their Best of Three series. Ion got the first one, so figure going in that Nese takes this match. Winner of this, by the way, faces Aries, Kash, and Sorensen in a four way match. Nie fast start here. They got to fly around the ring, which finally kept my interest. Nese with an impressive springboard to the top into a hurricanrana on Ion. Ion with that flip powerbomb which is just so cool to see (Nese really does the work there). Nese got the abrupt rollup win, which I'm fine with, but I still wanted a cool finish after all the nice moves we saw.

Madison Rayne takes Karen Jarrett's position as VP of the Knockouts. Like the move.

ODB is a kickass date. Eric Young and ODB together...just amusing.

Tara and Tessmacher (TNT) are on the show. So Rayne makes them face one another while she refs. Of course, Queen Bee stirs up trouble. Too basic a match for me. The whole point was just to keep them wrestling. WTF, now they're Tebowing in the ring? Oh God....

The whole deal with Storm and Angle was off the mark this week, in my book. Maybe I'm just not a big fan of bars. Storm's promo was the same ol' thing again..."I stood up to you like a man!" Boring. When they came back for the second segment, just came off as way too fake. If you were really in a bar and tried to stir up trouble, you may have 8-10 guys on you in about 30 seconds.

The most amusing match had to be Young/ODB vs. Moore/Anarquia. Shannon Moore not happy Anarquia slammed ODB, so he walks out. ODB with a nice slam on Anarquia...punt to the family jewels! I have to admit, this was pretty entertaining.

Main event time. Glad it was a street fight...not much has kept my attention on this show. Vintage split screen camera use! Weapons were used, all right. Not bad here. Hardy went with the frog splash off the top, probably because the Swanton would be too risky (might not flip over in time to hit it). Hardy with nice momentum to end the year.

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