Friday, December 16, 2011

12/15/11 Impact

Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles (World Title): *1/2

Abyss & Scott Steiner vs. Rob Terry and Hernandez: *

Zema Ion vs. Anthony Neese: *3/4

Gunner vs. Jesse Neal: N/A

Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Robbie E & Douglas Williams: *1/2

Madison Rayne vs. Traci Brooks: 1/2*

Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray: *1/4

Five-minute overtime match between Styles and Roode kicked off Impact because they probably ran out of time on the PPV. A nice treat to start this one. Then Tenay and Taz said it's sudden death -- so perhaps it would go longer than five minutes (yup, was right here). Styles basically had control of this one for the first half, then Roode attacked AJ's leg. Roode tried the stalling deal to run out the five minutes, but Pele from the outside! Springboard 450 with about three seconds left was badly off. Sting allowed the match to go on until there was a real winner. Half crab from Roode wins it. Good storytelling and nice win for Roode to build more heat.

So wait, now TNA throws random people together to determine who faces Morgan and Crimson? Huh? Has the tag division really gone down the tube that much? Abyss doesn't want to tag in. I've met Hernandez in person...the guy's not small. Yet Robbie T makes Hernandez look like a small child. Black Hole Slam to Terry, but Abyss looks at Steiner...uh oh. Wait, Abyss tags Steiner in so Scott gets the pin? Now it's all friendly stuff. Yeah, I'm confused.

Angle called out Sting. Really just a continuation of the storyline between Angle and Storm, really. Looks like Roode will deal with Hardy for now, but it appears that Roode/Storm is imminent.

X-Division stuff with Neese and Ion. Yup, don't blink here. Entertaining stuff that woke the crowd up. Ion had Neese beat twice and lifted the shoulders off the mat. Then he hit the 450 and got the pin. Coulda sworn all that arrogance would bite him in the ass. It's best two out of three, so I guess it's two more over the coming weeks? Ion says he's the prettiest wrestler in the company? "Me, myself, and Ion." I like that last part, but the whole "prettiest" thing? I know he coulda picked a better adjective.

Well, I was mistaken. Jesse Neal is on TV this week. Well, this really wasn't much of a match anyway. Really just a beatdown of Neal and a way to take him off TV, I guess.

Typical Karen and Jeff Jarrett. Telling the other not to worry because he/she will step down. Then we see Karen begging to Sting not to get fired. Same with Jarrett (later in the show). It was that way the whole night.

Hardy promo interrupted by Bully Ray. Really? They've known each other for 15 years? Time flies. They'll fight later tonight. Bully Ray still tremendous on the mic.

This wild card tag tournament again mixing up the tag teams. Magnus and Douglas Williams on opposite sides here. I liked this one. Very quick pace here for non-X-Division wrestling.

Eric Young and ODB segment. They're tag partners tonight for the wild card tournament. Had to admit, that was an amusing backstage skit.

Devon and Pope segment confirms Pope's full heel turn. Interesting part to note: when Devon embraced his sons around the neck, that was probably a cue on what to do next. Low blow from Pope came, and the boys aligned with Dinero.

Gee, we need more of these Knockouts matches with the fast start. Traci races up the ramp to deck Madison. For those that don't know, Traci has a condition where she can't raise her right arm above her head, so it's even more impressive that she was involved in physical encounters all these years. Madison hit that finisher of hers (knee to the back of the neck), and that only got two?! Yup, not too big a reaction from the crowd. So really a kick to the head had to end it? Felt like a waste of a few extra seconds.

It's decision time. Oops, Sting's got footage! I really laughed good on this one. Sting fires BOTH Jeff and Karen. Guess Gail's on her own (she didn't need Karen anymore at this point, anyway) and Madison has to find another person to suck up to.

Bully and Hardy got main event intros, while Roode sits and does commentary. Impressive delayed vertical suplex by Bully. Fairly standard match between Ray and Hardy, with nice crowd reaction. Hardy continues to roll on! Roode and Bully attacked Hardy post-match. Powerbomb through the table. Typical stuff there too. Sting came out and also got taken out. More of Roode defying authority...gotta love his heel reign as champ so far.

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