Friday, December 23, 2011

12/23/11 Smackdown

Zack Ryder vs. Cody Rhodes: *3/4

Big Show vs. Mark Henry: N/A

Sheamus vs. The Miz: *

Kofi Kingston vs. Primo: *1/4

Daniel Bryan & Big Show vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger: ***

The best part about watching the show later (instead of live on TV): I can fast-forward through the Cole crap.

World Title picture situation gets sorted out at the start of the show. Long says Henry and Show face off tonight to see who faces DB. DB pulls a Ric Flair on Henry, retracting the handshake!

Champ vs. champ here! Ryder and Rhodes. Rhodes starting to use that Goldust-like uppercut and the Alabama slam more. Booker sings and Ryder wins!

Santino is amusing. We get DB vs. Dolph tonight, and I'm totally cool with that. I'm glad Vickie doesn't say "Bah humbug" all the time...just doesn't work for me.

Show and Henry didn't take place tonight, but the real reason is Henry's groin injury. Loved the WMD to Otunga.

During the backstage segment between Miz and Teddy, Miz slightly messed up with "superhead" and not superstar." Yes, he quickly corrected himself, but I was just amused. But hey, it still doesn't beat summerfest! Miz out in the ring, and WWE shows the attacks on R-Truth and Morrison from the last couple months. Sheamus time! Sheamus wins and Cole's trying to make excuses for Miz. Whoopee....

Barrett with a promo to showcase his dominance over Orton. Oops...Orton wants to fight! Ends with an RKO on the car!

That "prophetless" promo with the boy and girl is shown again. People still thinking it could be the return of Chris Jericho for a feud with CM Punk. Would be cool to see.

Kofi gets a little payback on Primo in their match. Planted seeds in this title match are sprouting. Should be a decent match if it gets sufficient time.

Finally, I'm getting one of my wishes. DB and Ziggler going at it! Swagger came out in the middle of the match. Big Show is out now...he in DB's corner? Oh NICE rollup from DB into a German suplex. Reminds me of Douglas Williams' Chaos Theory. What a kick to the head Ziggler took. Lots of counters and high-impact moves. See folks, this is the type of match we need to see more of.

Teddy Long added Swagger and Show to the mix and made it a tag match. Basically, that shows the conditioning DB and Ziggler have. Yes, they stayed on the apron for a bit to catch their breaths as Swagger ans Show went at it, but still, they still are human beings...right? These guys are workhorses. Whoa, Big Show with the pounce move! Damn! Great finish to an otherwise-average show.

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