Friday, December 2, 2011

12/1/11 Impact

D'Angelo Dinero & Devon vs. Hernandez & Anarquia vs. Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal: *1/2

Mickie James vs. ODB (Street Fight): *1/2

Robbie E vs. Rob Van Dam (TV Title): *1/4

Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy: **1/2

Roode's got a nice entrance video and theme. Taz is taking on a more impartial color commentator role to counter Tenay's full-on pro-face approach.

Oh wonderful, we get to see Knockouts in bikinis washing cars. Like that hasn't been done before. Thankfully, ODB wasn't in a bikini. Yeah, I'd rather see the street fight with Mickie and ODB instead. Good call, Karen.

Looks like this taping was done before Jesse Neal was reportedly released (heard about that a couple weeks back). Three tag teams, but of course, only two people in at once with tagging. I'd rather have all six in for mass chaos. Good win for Pope and Devon, and of course, Neal jobs. Just wondering if this will lead to more trust between the two, or if we'll continue to see at least light dissension in the ranks.

Aries promo to continue his arrogant character deal. Of course, we all knew Kid Kash would come out (given that you've seen the last few weeks). You know this will lead to an eventual X-Division title shot here. Unfortunately, it came at the expense of the young guys like Sorensen to get two veterans to square off.

Gunner takes out some jobbers at a wrestling training school. Musta been fun to kick some ass for a change, instead of getting beat by Bischoff's son.

I'm glad I can fast-forward through Bully Ray's spiel. I don't need to have him say every single promo about how Abyss kept getting back up.

Fast start to the Knockouts street fight is always nice to see. Hmm, since this is a #1 contenders match and since the champ (Gail Kim) is a heel. I wonder who's winning this one. Real nice physicality here as they battled to the back. Cool finish...kick the chair back in ODB's face. Not a Van Daminator, but I guess it works.

I like this Angle/Storm feud. Very intense between the two, should be good.

So now the Roode family is involved to show how Bobby's changed? Well, this is something I don't normally see. Personally, I think it's too cheesy for me.

Nice twist with the Daniels interference while Eric Young had Rob Terry and the ref all distracted. Match was OK.

Oops...knockouts fighting in bikinis! Well, I guess technically they were still washing the cars when the water started flying. Borash plugging Wrangler Jeans. Lovely. Roode wants AJ and Jeff to start, but so much for that strategy. Of course, Hardy and AJ did go at it, which automatically makes for good TV. Cool to see AJ getting chants even when he wasn't the one battling in the ring. Jarrett defies Sting's orders and helps Roode win. Lame finish, but good for storyline purposes.

Only four matches? Blah.

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