Friday, June 10, 2011

6/9/11 Superstars

Chris Masters vs. JTG: *1/2

Eve Torres & Gail Kim vs. Maryse & Melina: *

Mark Henry vs. Johnny Curtis: N/A

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd: ***

Masters/JTG was quite average to me. The divas match had good aggression in it. As for Johnny Curtis, this isn't the way to utilize a guy who won NXT. But wait, NXT has been a joke anyway.

Wait a minute, now Vickie Guerrero manages Tyson Kidd? He changes managers as much as Brett Favre has changed his mind on retiring and returning to football. Geez. Anyway, it's working. Kidd with another great match.

In other news, I've read that Skip Sheffield will be undergoing a third surgery on his broken leg. Man, I still remember when he was injured at the Honolulu WWE live event last year. Such an unfortunate situation, but I know he will be back.

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