Thursday, June 9, 2011

6/9/11 Impact

Winter & Angelina Love vs. Mickie James & Tara: 3/4*

Hernandez & Anarquia vs. James Storm & Alex Shelley: *1/2

Rob Van Dam vs. Bully Ray: *

Velvet Sky vs. ODB: 1/2*

Mr. Anderson & Gunner vs. Sting & Eric Young: 1/2*

Show starts off with Hogan and Bischoff. Of course it had to start off with a non-wrestling segment! Was that fake cheers pumped into the taped broadcast when Bischoff was saying how awesome Impact Wrestling is? The fans were "cheering," but no one behind Bischoff was actually cheering....

And then Mr. Anderson comes out. Then Sting. Oh wait, was that jeers being pumped into the broadcast for Anderson? Hmm. Anyway, Sting was damn good on his promo.

Knockouts tag match was not too bad. Neat finisher from Angelina Love.

Cell phone footage of Samoa Joe and Crimson fighting in a bar. Entertaining.

That was one weird promo with Don West. Wait, they're still using TNA's name huh? Oops, I thought we were talking about Impact Wrestling.

Douglas Williams & Magnus on commentary here during the tag match. Tag match was OK for what it was, served its purpose. Making sure Storm and Shelley appear they are not on the same page to look weak for Sunday.

Jeff Jarrett/Kurt Angle segment. Loved this part of the show. This is why these two are main eventers.

Kazarian and Kendrick with Abyss' weapon, Janice. Kendrick looked stoned.

Bully Ray issues the open challenge. RVD comes on down and accepts. Styles is in the crowd, which pretty much means RVD makes a comeback and wins.

Velvet Sky disses ODB. Don't really care right now....

Angle training for the Olympics. Man, I give that guy major credit. He's past 40 and in better shape than I'll ever be.

Abyss holding what he dubs the "Extreme" title.

Velvet/ODB was OK, and then the end made no sense to me. Didn't like Velvet pulling the win "out of nowhere" like that.

Sting trying to fire up Eric Young. Main event is next, and there are still about 25 minutes left in the show.

Main event official introductions. Interesting. And the match itself was just another reason why I even watch this show.

I won't be around to watch Slammiversary live. Maybe I'll get around to rating it at a future date.

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