Monday, June 6, 2011

6/6/11 Tough Enough

It's the season finale! We get an overview of the season's episodes at the beginning.

The final two are with their respective families and training. Luke's got that caveman training going on big time!

FCW training center in Tampa, FL. Training with Ricky Steamboat! Holy crap yes! And now the finalists each have a one-on-one match with...Bill DeMott!

After a bit more buildup, it's time for the matches! Basically we get a video package of the highlights from each match (Bill vs. Luke and Bill vs. Adam).

And now we're on RAW early! Trish, Bill, and Booker all come out. Eliminated contestants are introduced first. Andy comes out next, followed by Luke. Austin gets a huge pop as usual.

Trainers go down the line as to who they would pick. Bill goes with Andy. Trish goes with Andy. Booker goes with Andy. But the choice is Austin's.

OH WAIT! We got a limo! It's Vince McMahon! Vince basically puts Andy and Luke through a little interview. We're now into the 9 p.m. hour, and it's time for RAW!

Vintage Austin/Vince banter!

Drumroll, please! The winner of Tough Enough this season is:


Austin takes Luke's belt.

INITIATION TIME! Vince gets a right hand in, and then Austin gives Andy a stunner!

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