Monday, June 27, 2011

6/27/11 RAW (RAW Roulette)

CM Punk vs. Kane: 1/2*

Sin Cara vs. Evan Bourne (No Countout): **

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler (Vickie Banned From Ringside): *1/2

Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show (Cage): 1/4*

Kelly Kelly vs. Nikki Bella (Submission): DUD

Rey Mysterio & Alex Riley vs. The Miz & Jack Swagger (Tornado Tag): ***1/4

John Cena vs. R-Truth (Tables): *

It's RAW Roulette in Vegas! HBK comes out to start the I miss watching the guy perform. CM Punk confronts HBK. Man, these two know how to work the mic. Loved the Sweet Chin Music to Otunga. Punk in the first match tonight.

Booker is spinning the wheel! Stops on a question mark, which means mystery opponent. OOPS, it's Kane! And Sweet Chin Music to McGillicutty, which means Punk is on his own. I didn't care for the match. Sorry, I don't like heels walking out to deliberately get counted out.

Woohoo! It's the match we were supposed to see last week if not for the screwed-up "technical difficulties" on the voting. Sin Cara vs. Evan Bourne! Whoops, the bell rang, and they almost forgot about the stipulation to the match! Cue Booker, and Eve's also there this time. No Countout match? Big whoop. Anyway, vintage spot monkey spots for Sin Cara.But at least this time, Bourne gets to do a lot of spot monkey stuff as well! Semi-botched ending, I think. Bourne landed on his face when he probably should have flipped over onto his back. These two have so much potential to make a four-plus-star match, it's not even funny.

Kofi vs. Dolph is next, and Kofi gets to spin the wheel. Wait, Vickie spins instead. Player's apparently Kofi gets to pick the stipulation now? Um, sure. And it's the stipulation that should have been used last week: Vickie banned from ringside.

RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match field is already set. Front runners have to be Del Rio and R-Truth. It should be someone who hasn't had the title already and is ready to move up to main event status. Dark horse is probably Swagger.

Average match between Kofi and Dolph. It was non-title, so Kofi was probably gonna win all the way. Makes me wonder why Kofi didn't make it a title match when it was his choice.

Alberto is not happy he has to face Big Show again. Maryse spins the wheel. Maryse flirts with ADR. Whoops. ADR and Big Show have a steel cage match.

Ricardo Rodriguez still selling the injuries from Big Show, so Justin Roberts introduces ADR. Mark Henry comes down to the ring midway through. Superplex from Big Show -- and the ring didn't break! So Henry breaks the door off its hinges and nukes Big Show so ADR wins. Cool spot at the end where Henry decks Show with part of the cage...and Show basically goes through the cage. Henry continues to look strong. Love it.

Divas match, non-title because Brie Bella will get her rematch at MITB. So let's see what the stipulation is for this one. Thought it would be some stupid stipulation, but it's a submission match! Interesting, since I've never seen Kelly or Nikki use a submission to win a match. Well that was short. I turn around and the match is over. Heels beat down Kelly, so Eve comes down for the save.

Nice segment with Booker, McIntyre, DDP, and HBK.

Did King call these guys "contestants"? Good grief, we're not on a damn game show! Tornado tag match was action-packed, great stuff.

R-Truth and Cena will have a tables match. R-Truth likes it. Usual Cena match. Punk moves the table away. Truth spears Cena through the table.

Punk promo at the end was golden. Pure gold. Heyman reference! Lesnar reference! NJPW reference! Colt Cabana reference! ROH reference! Complete with the Vince/Steph/HHH badmouthing, cutting off Punk's mic, and abruptly going off the air. To me, that ending was five stars alone.

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