Friday, June 17, 2011

6/16/11 Impact

Hernandez vs. Devon: N/A

Austin Aries vs. Kid Kash vs. Jimmy Rave: **3/4 (only four and a half minutes!)

Sarita & Rosita vs. Velvet Sky & Miss Tessmacher (Knockouts Tag Team Titles): *

Rob Van Dam vs. Samoa Joe: **1/4

Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner: *1/2

Mr. Anderson is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion and starts the show. Heel promo. Basically says all he needs is his niece, his wife, and "me, myself, and I." Gunner comes out. Gunner took Sting out a couple weeks ago and wants a title shot. Anderson basically refuses. Anderson gets beer. "We want beer!" chants. Gunner puts Anderson through a table.

Devon now billed at 275 lbs. Wasn't he billed at over 300 at one point? From the start, Mexican America interference. Oh, and now D'Angelo Dinero is at ringside. Wait, Mexican America interferes less than 2 minutes in. Screw rating this sucker.

Anderson pissed at Bischoff about Gunner. So Bischoff makes the match...Anderson vs. Gunner for tonight.

Angle promo time. He's the #1 contender now. Face promo about winning the Olympic gold medal for the United States. Mentions his comeback attempt for the U.S. Olympic wrestling team in 2012. Angle would be 43, but he still has a serious shot at it, in my book. Jarrett comes out and says it's not over between them. Jarrett wants one more shot...parking lot showdown later in the night. Angle accepts.

Bound for Glory Series begins tonight. 12 people chosen from a "random" lottery. Winner of that becomes #1 contender for Bound For Glory PPV in October. Interesting concept. Angle and Sting exempt from this.

Eric Young and Matt Morgan. Young wants Morgan for a title match, but Morgan turns it down to focus on his Bound for Glory Series quest to become #1 contender.

All-X-Division PPV coming up. Love it. Promote the hell out of that X-Division, as it's the one thing that separate Impact wrestling from WWE. So we get a three-way X-Division match.

Nice job here, bringing back Kid Kash, Jimmy Rave, and Austin Aries.Yeah, don't blink on this match. Extremely fast-paced, tons of action. Fans all into this one. Might have only been about 4-5 minutes, but it was well worth it to watch. This is what I missed from the old TNA, and I'm glad I got to see some true total nonstop action in this one.

Knockouts Tag Title match. Hernandez and Anarquia booted from ringside before the match starts. Velvet Sky at least still has the Beautiful People music. Maybe Tessmacher can fill that hole in the Beautiful People for right now. Match was not bad. I liked the blind tags and the quick tags for more action. ODB distracts Velvet and Rosita/Sarita win. Wait, WTF? that's Jackie! ODB and Jackie on Velvet Sky now. Security gets nuked by both ODB and Jackie.

Sting/Hogan exchange in Hogan's office. Sting is awesome in this one. Plain awesome.

ODB and Jackie on camera, Velvet Sky comes in and here we go again. Velvet taken out again.

Austin Aries talks. Wrestling matters indeed. Eric Young is a nut, kicks some guy, and pins him. Young tells Aries to get a ref vest and count three. What a weird segment.

Joe/Van Dam time. BFG series match. Very physical match here. Really liked it. RVD nabs 7 points for a pinfall win.

Anderson and Gunner time. Nice finish there, but the match was otherwise average. I like that they are pushing Gunner -- he beat a world champion for the second week in a row.

Steiner calls out Bully Ray. Bully Ray answers him in a separate promo.

Parking lot time. Angle and Jarrett in the parking lot. Wrestlers circling the area with their cars. Looks like Jarrett got cut a bit on the forehead. Angle keeps on getting the best of Jeff. Jeff then gets the upper hand. Angle comes back. Angle Slam on the car. Angle choking Jarrett out with the shirt. Jarrett is pretty much laid out as the show goes off the air. Is that the end of the feud now?

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