Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6/20/11 RAW

(3-hour RAW)

Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella (Divas Title): *

Mason Ryan vs. Evan Bourne: 1/2*

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston (2 out of 3 falls; IC Title): **1/2

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio (Falls Count Anywhere): ***

Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes (No countout): 1/2*

John Cena, Randy Orton, & Alex Riley vs. The Miz, Christian, & R-Truth (Elimination): **3/4

It's a RAW: Power to the People episode in Baltimore!

Punk starts off the show. Basically looks like a sit-in of sorts. Yes, Punk is he best wrestler in the world. Wait, they're allowed to say "wrestler" again? Punk proclaims himself as #1 contender for the WWE Title and wants the anonymous GM to make it official. Ha, Punk pulls a Jericho and basically hurries Cole up to read the email. Punk refuses to leave the ring, so the GM says Punk faces Alberto Del Rio for the #1 contender spot. Punk still makes a scene, so it's now a triple threat...Punk vs. ADR vs. Mysterio. Punk is pissed.

Power to the people...who will Brie Bella face tonight for the Divas title: Eve, Kelly Kelly, or Beth Phoenix? Kelly Kelly wins with 53% of the vote. Divas match was OK. Good finish. Kelly Kelly cuts the typical "thank you fans!" promo after her win.

Nice video package for Evan Bourne.

Who will Evan Bourne face: Jack Swagger, Mason Ryan, or Sin Cara? Mason Ryan wins with 51% of the vote...that surprised me big time because I thought Sin Cara would have easily won this one. I laughed at the "Batista!" chants during this one. Mason Ryan should not be in this type of "impromptu" match. Seems like he and Bourne were lost near the end.

(6/21 update: WWE acknowledged that the voting was inaccurate and Sin Cara should have won this fan vote. Perhaps they will have a match next week on RAW?)

RAW Roulette next week!

Mark Henry vs. Kane. Bodyslam match, arm wrestling match, or over-the-top-rope match? Mark Henry comes out first with a heel promo, and yup, he can say the word "ass." Anyway, it's an arm wrestling match with 52% of the vote. Henry is pleased. Kane comes out ready to go. Henry stalls. They eventually go at it and Henry gets himself DQ'd. Henry beats down Kane. Henry puts Kane through the announce table with the World's Strongest Slam, just like Mark did to Big Show at Capitol Punishment.

R-Truth/Cena video package, with R-Truth's whole conspiracy dealie. Truth getting all those "What?" chants from the crowd. Christian comes out now, and he'll be joining in this whole conspiracy theory. As expected, Christian cries foul at the ending to his match against Orton at Capitol Punishment. "Little Jimmy" chants for R-Truth. Now Miz comes out.

LOL, "Really? Randy! Riley! Jimmy!" That was just frickin' awesome. Teddy Long puts a stop to all that. Six-man tag match for tonight. Miz/Christian/Truth vs. Riley/Orton/Cena, fans pick the match stipulation.

IC Title match...rematch from Capitol Punishment. 2 out of 3 falls wins with 51 percent of the vote. Ziggler got the first fall during the commercial break. Kingston ties it up, of course, because we need the third fall to be relevant. Pretty good last fall. I liked Dolph just being able to literally get two fingers on the ropes. Ziggler gets DQ'd to save his title.

Woohoo! Shawn Michaels on RAW next week for RAW Roulette!

It's triple threat time! No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere or Submission? ADR comes out first, then Christian and Mysterio. Falls Count Anywhere wins with 66% of the vote. Lots of action here, folks. Really enjoyed this one. I think I saw Punk's tooth fly out. Cool spot with Mysterio senton to Punk and suicide dive on ADR. Nice finish.

Whoa, Punk actually breaks character a bit and mentions his WWE contract is coming to an end on the night of the Money in the Bank PPV. Punk says he is leaving after that, and he's taking the WWE Title.

Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan is next. Paper Bag Match, No Countout Match, or Collegiate Rules match? No countout match wins (barely) with 51% of the vote...Paper bag match was 43%. What was the point of this no-countout match when they stayed in the ring almost the entire match? Horrible here. DiBiase comes in after the match. DB beaten down again.

Oh God. Vickie Guerrero has a dance competition with Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, or Booker T. Vickie basically steals Sable's lines in her promo and does a pathetic dance. Striker's face is awesome. Anyway, the winner is...Michael Cole! 47% of the vote! Lawler was actually second here (39%). I guess the people wanted Cole to make an ass of himself. And damn, he sure did. Looked like Cole was passing a kidney stone or something. And he does the Worm and the Spinaroonie! Oh man, I didn't know whether to laugh or shake my head. Hey, Cole won because he got the loudest boos! Man, this was pathetic.

Oh wait, Vickie nailed Michael Cole! She should have won just for that.

Six-man tag match time: One fall to finish, 20-minute time limit, or Elimination match? Elimination match clearly wins with 79% of the vote. Another pretty good match to close the show.

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