Thursday, June 2, 2011

6/2/11 Impact

Crimson vs. Matt Hardy: *3/4

Angelina Love vs. Miss Tessmacher: 1/2*

Mr. Anderson vs. "The Not-So-Great Muta" (Eric Young in disguise): *1/4

Kazarian vs. Brian Kendrick: ***

Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner vs. Kurt Angle & Matt Morgan: *3/4

ODB and Velvet brawl! Woohoo! Typical stuff we'd see in the Attitude Era. Velvet is down to her bra and panties.

Oh, I forgot Slammiversary was even on June 12. I only noticed because they had Tenay and Taz on camera and the graphic was in the back. Isn't that supposed to be their big PPV?

It's vintage Sting from Mr. Anderson! Anderson is facing one of Sting's classic opponents from the past.

Gun Money shall be a reality! Shelley and Storm to tag at Slammiversary!

Not a bad match there between Crimson and Matt Hardy. I guess they will have Crimson win for a while as the announcers keep hyping the undefeated streak.

Hey, Angelina Love was something other than a voiceless zombie! She spoke while looking like a zombie!

Anderson vs. Young was not bad. Loved seeing Eric Young pull off that moonsault. But VINTAGE MIST!

Loved the X-Division match. Kendrick and Kazarian were great in that 10-minute match, but of course, it had to end in a draw. Bischoff gives them five more minutes! Yes! And then Abyss nukes everyone. Sucks.

Styles and Bully Ray, Last Man Standing match at Slammiversary. Nice.

Tag match was good, but the focus was more on Jarrett and Angle's storyline with Karen's accident.

So wait, now Foley is fired? Um, OK. What was the point of him coming back to TV again? Just so there could be a change in the name to Impact Wrestling? Hopefully there is more to this.

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