Thursday, April 7, 2011

4/7/11 Impact

Hernandez & Anarquia vs. Tommy Dreamer & Devon: 1/4*

Samoa Joe vs. Murphy: N/A (squash)

Sarita & Rosita vs. Angelina Love & Velvet Sky (Knockouts Tag Team Titles): DUD (Then again, was this even a match?! Atrocious. I get the whole point of what Winter is doing to speed up the damn storyline and stop having the same matches just about every week!)

Brian Kendrick, Chris Sabin, & Suicide vs. Max Buck, Jeremy Buck, & Robbie E.: *1/2

Bully Ray vs. Christopher Daniels: *1/2

Rob Van Dam vs. Sting: 1/2*

Another horrible Impact, in my opinion. I didn't think this show was even watchable -- I had the TV on in the background and did other things while the matches went on. There was nothing to excite me, period.

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