Monday, April 11, 2011

4/11/11 Tough Enough

Just a few thoughts from this week's episode:

(1) Having John Cena on the show was a good way for the show to get some ratings. Tough Enough was moved to before RAW instead of after.

(2) Running from the attack dog was pretty neat. Several guys at least managed to stay on their feet, almost like they were dragging a small linebacker or cornerback with them.

(3) It was cool to see Bill squashing people in the corner -- even when it came to the divas, it looked like he showed no mercy. Everyone seemed to do pretty well on this one.

(4) I totally agree with the trainers. Luke is definitely a frontrunner to win this thing right now. Eric has really not shown me much. Rima shows promise, but it won't help in being late. A bit surprised that Matt went home, but Austin has a point: no charisma and no personality generally means no WWE career.

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