Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/4/11 Tough Enough

Basically, I will merely give my thoughts on the first episode of the re-launched Tough Enough. After a several-year hiatus, I'm looking forward to this. I think Stone Cold is a perfect host/trainer.

The first task of basically doing grunt work until the late hours was nice. Commitment? Definitely.

Nice house...love it. And the Tough Enough contestants each get a WWE title; looks like they have it until they are eliminated -- so the last one standing will be the only one holding the belt at the end. Nice touch there. I also liked how the other trainers were introduced during this time.

I liked the conditioning drills. It's basically boot camp, from what I saw. Being a WWE Superstar or Diva is more than working out. You gotta run those ropes, take bumps, and be able to lock up. The basics are essential for success. The Skills Challenge is a nice touch.

In short, this is basically the format I prefer, not NXT. While NXT is good because it has more in-ring action, the Real World-like segments with having to co-exist with others in a house will really showcase the contestants' personalities. Also, for me, seeing WWE Superstars pushing these newbies can really lend that insight into what a fan does not see. You really have to be tough enough to be in this business. Although I've had the privilege of being in a pro wrestling ring (and would have loved to learn how to take bumps and all that), I know I wouldn't last very long in such an environment. Kudos to all the finalists who are going through all that.

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