Monday, April 25, 2011

4/25/11 Tough Enough

I'm wondering if that's the last time Rima will ask for extra training. Bill was basically taking her to school...the school of pain. In all seriousness though, I give Rima a lot of credit for even doing what she's doing. I know I wouldn't last one day in there.

Damn,.loved the Bret Hart appearance! Growing up, he was my favorite wrestler...not Hulk Hogan, not Ultimate Warrior. It was just something about the pink glasses and the way he connects with the fans.

The challenge today was basically agility...springing yourself over that top rope, much like how you'd see Tyson Kidd or Tara/Victoria do. Christina did pretty well. Luke and Jeremiah really impressed me and the trainers. I also loved seeing the contestants on roller skates.

Skills Challenge was basically your basic starting sequence of a wrestling match. Rima botched it and got out (no surprise there). Eric's conditioning let him down again. For Jeremiah, it was the little things that got him out. Luke and Martin again were at the top of the list. Right now, it's Luke's competition to lose. Martin got Luke in this one, but it was because Luke was "selfish" and tried to do too much, at least in Bill's eyes.

Andy, Martin, and Luke are the top three guys right now (not in any particular order). Christina is very good on the women's side. Even before the cuts were made, I'd just cut Rima at this point. She has heart, but it's getting to the point where this is just not her time yet.

As expected, Austin cut Rima and did not even pick two others in the bottom three. Again, I do applaud her for trying out. She lasted longer than I thought she would, and it really was because of her heart.

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