Monday, April 18, 2011

4/18/11 RAW

John Morrison vs. R-Truth: *1/2

Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne: 1/2*

John Cena & Sin Cara vs. The Miz & Alex Riley: *3/4

Eve Torres vs. Nikki Bella: N/A (Wait, a match occurred? I never noticed.)

Sheamus vs. Santino Marella: 1/2*

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk: **3/4

R-Truth's heel turn has finally occurred. It's about time. I was getting tired of his "What's Up?!" thing all the time. Sure, the fans really got into it, but if R-Truth is to become anything more than a midcarder -- any shot at all of moving up the food chain in the WWE -- he needed to turn heel. Looks like Morrison, who took R-Truth's place in the WWE title match with his win tonight -- is not winning on Sunday. I think Morrison and R-Truth feuding has promise.

I laughed when Ziggler came out with his new haircut. Why? Because now he and Evan Bourne could pass for brothers. But in all seriousness, Ziggler needs to run with this and really become a big-time force. I preferred the blonde curly locks because that made him stand out. Now he's just another face to me -- at least for the time being.

Loved the Edge video package.

Another Awesome Kong promo aired, this time ripping a brunette Barbie-like doll to shreds. I like the buildup for her debut.

Brie's short speech before the divas match puzzled me. At last check, couldn't divas from both RAW and Smackdown vie for the Divas Title? I guess it's the champion's choice then?

The Cole knighting segment stunk.

Nice main event this week. I like it when the crowd is into a match.

WWE Draft next week! With the face side very thin on Smackdown right now, I would think Orton moves to Smackdown. Christian could also finally get his time to shine in the main event role, but we'll see.

One last thing: I love the name WWE has apparently picked for Awesome Kong in WWE. I will not post it here for now, since it's apparently a spoiler as of this posting. However, several sites do have it up, and if you want to know, do a search for it.

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