Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4/26/11 Supplemental Draft

Quick thoughts on each Supplemental Draft pick:
Daniel Bryan to Smackdown: Love the move here. DB was basically getting lost in the shuffle since losing his United States championship, and his short stint in APPLE was just horrible. I hope he gets a fresh start to showcase what he can do on Smackdown. Perhaps an IC run could occur?

Jack Swagger to RAW: A logical move, considering he had been training Michael Cole in Cole's feud with Jerry Lawler (a RAW talent). Not sure if Swagger will be pushed despite the brand change, but at least the move is official now.

Great Khali and Ranjin Singh to Smackdown: I guess they wanted to make sure Big Show and Khali are kept on different brands, so now Khali can have bad matches and at least attempt to entertain on the blue brand.

Usos to Smackdown: At least they are being kept together (or so it seems). Doesn't necessarily mean they will be getting more TV time or a shot at the tag titles, but we'll see.

Kelly Kelly to RAW: Sounds good to me. KK gets a nice reaction from the crowd (at least compared to most other divas) and I can definitely see her working well with the RAW heel divas and generate fresh feuds.

JTG to RAW: The guy is still on WWE TV? Yeah, I don't count NXT. Ever since Cryme Tyme broke up, he's really been hardly used. I would seriously "future endeavor" him at this point.

Alicia Fox to Smackdown: Not sure how she benefits from this. She's not a TV regular, but maybe things will change with the move to the blue brand. No guarantee at a Divas championship run either.

William Regal to Smackdown: Not really much impact here, but maybe he can do hilarious backstage skits on the blue brand while still doing NXT commentary.

Yoshi Tatsu to Smackdown: Um, sure. Can't see Yoshi as anything more than a midcarder right now anyway. I still envy him for getting to work a storyline with Maryse.

Drew McIntyre to RAW: Good move. McIntyre got lost in the Smackdown shuffle and needed some sort of a fresh start. Perhaps a United States title run could occur in the future.

Natalya to Smackdown: Again, with the case of divas, it's generally hard to tell if the brand move will benefit that person. Not sure how fresh the feuds will be on Smackdown but we'll see.

Curt Hawkins to RAW: Not really caring here. Unless he impresses me soon, I'd "future endavor" this guy.

Chris Masters to RAW: Now he can entertain with his pecs on the red brand!

Kofi Kingston to RAW: Love the move. Could lead to fresh feuds, but I want that attitude to come out like it did against Orton a year or so ago. That will push him to really being a star.

Ted DiBiase to Smackdown: Good move. He was basically jobbing the last few months on the red brand.

Tyson Kidd to Smackdown: Good move for a talented performer. But will this translate to a push?

Tamina to Smackdown: So I guess this breaks her and Santino up. Now maybe we'll actually see Tamina wrestle. Or do I want to see that?

Tyler Reks to RAW: Hmm, sure, I guess. Now we get to see the Burning Hammer on RAW -- maybe.

Alex Riley to Smackdown: A-Ri finally gets separated from Miz. Did he learn anything from Miz besides knowing how to handle a briefcase?

Beth Phoenix to RAW: This was pretty much leaked from a few days ago when WWE.com had Beth's profile under the RAW brand listings (or at least the URL was changed to reflect that anyway). I liked Beth more as a heel, but a feud with Kharma (the former Awesome Kong) would be neat to see if done right.

Sheamus to Smackdown: Does this mean Sheamus loses his U.S. title soon, or will it be Wade Barrett losing his IC belt? It might be the latter. I like this move...it should give Sheamus some new feuds.

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