Sunday, November 7, 2010

11/7/10 Turning Point

Robbie E. vs. Jay Lethal (X-Division Title): Crowd was definitely on Lethal's side. Good stuff from Lethal, while Robbie had average offense at best. Interference was predictable, and Robbie has one of the lamest finishers ever. *3/4

Mickie James vs. Tara: Looks like we have a potential good feud on our hands. This started out a match, but just turned into a brawl at the end with no clear winner. For that reason, I felt like it doesn't deserve two stars from me. However, it was good for what it was: advance the storyline. *1/2

Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley vs. Brother Ray & Brother Devon (Tag Team Titles): I loved the buildup to this match. It was perfect, because everyone knows these two teams are fantastic. Why waste time on free TV to put them in any type of "warmup" match? Just let these two go at it at the PPV. It's a lost art these days with multiple free TV shows in between PPVs. The crowd was pretty much going apeshit. A couple of nice false finishes, although I have to say, it got slightly flat at the very end with all the "confusion" on the 3-D kickout. ***3/4

Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer: The match was not bad, but pretty slow. Crowd was in it at times, but appeared dead for others. Good counters, and Dreamer fought through that wrist injury very well. *3/4

AJ Styles, Kazarian, Douglas Williams, James Storm, & Robert Roode vs. Raven, Rhino, Stevie Richards, Brian Kendrick, & Sabu: The person that gets pinned or submits is fired from TNA. The fact that James Storm seemed concerned over Kendrick for a little while makes it appear it was a legit injury. Match was slow and pretty normal until the spotfest at the end. Sabu getting pinned was not a surprise. *1/2

Abyss vs. D'Angelo Dinero (Lumberjack): So the lumberjacks were the Pope's friends and family. Bischoff stirs more controversy with seemingly paying off Dinero's brother and the rest of the congregation. Good storytelling, average match at best. *1/2

Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe: Again, a very slow match with a dirty ending. Really, now? The crowd was pretty dead except for a couple points where Joe was on offense. I liked the rapid chops anyway. Not something I care to watch again. *1/2

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan (World Title): I like that Hardy's move is called the "Twist of Hate" now. But again, this match was horrible. Much of the match was too slow, and I felt like there were times where both appeared lost. I have no clue if the ref screwed up on the count after the Carbon Footprint, or if Hardy really was supposed to kick out and didn't because he really got hit pretty good with the boot. Nevertheless, the crowd was just not there, and that would kill virtually any match. I get that TNA probably wants to say it took three Twist of Hates to finish Morgan, but the match was just plain sloppy. *1/4

MVPs: Team 3D and the Guns. Great farewell match.

Overall Rating: In my opinion, the show was pretty bad. Aside from the Team 3D and the Guns, most everything else was forgettable or confusing as hell. The last three matches were average to below average, not what I would expect anyone to be showing on a PPV, let alone the high midcarders and main eventers.

Nice waste of three hours there, TNA. You're bleeding money by spending it on B-show or C-show actors and actresses, and also not giving the wrestling talent the time, storylines, or even health insurance coverage they desperately need. As a viewer, this was a hard show to watch. When I read about how things really work in the business, it sickens me to view the show. *1/2

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