Tuesday, November 2, 2010

11/2/10 NXT

Kelly Kelly vs. Alicia Fox: 1/2*

Here are the official remaining NXT Rookie Divas' records as of 11/2/10:
A.J.: 3-2
Naomi: 3-2
Kaitlyn: 2-2
Aksana: 2-3
Maxine: 1-4

Oh, no rookie divas wrestled tonight. That's nothing new....

Rookie Diva Challenge Wins as of 11/2/10:
Naomi: 3 (Power of the Punch; Who's That Body; Limbo)
A.J.: 2 (Name That Tune, Kissing)
Kaitlyn: 2 (Costume; Find the Flag)
Maxine: 1 (Halloween Candy Eating)
Aksana: 0

NOTE: Naomi won the most challenges (3) this last go-around and was immune from elimination tonight.

Kissing Challenge Notes:
I'd show A.J. what I got. Otherwise, let's move on.

Find the Flag Challenge Notes:
Well, that was a waste of 30 seconds. Moving on....

Second Elimination:
Maxine eliminated. Not really a surprise here, either, as she basically had nothing going for her other than getting into spats with Hornswoggle. I think Aksana would be the next to go; haven't seen much from her lately.

Oh, we only have four more weeks of this? Sweet! Then we can revive Tough Enough! Is it bad that I am enjoying Josh and Cole bashing NXT on the air?

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