Monday, November 8, 2010

10/29/10 Bushido

Chuck Taylor vs. Arik Cannon vs. Ricochet vs. Johnny Gargano: Four-way freestyle contests are pretty awesome to me, basically because it's an awesome spotfest. Loved this one just as much as previous freestyles. Virtually no downtime in the match and the crowd was loving it just as much as me. ***1/2

Homicide vs. Rich Swann: Crowd reaction was OK, but it seemed pretty basic and slow at times. Then again, it is pretty hard to follow up a match where virtually every move was impactful or crazy awesome. Swann showed some pretty good stuff here, and at least it sorta got better at the end. **1/2

Masato Yoshino vs. Austin Aries: I liked this match. Slow again at the beginning, but really picked up with some great stuff as the match went on. Not the greatest match ever, but it showcased both wrestler's talents. **3/4

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley (I Quit): Very nice, bloody match. Great back story to this match. Jacobs bled real badly in this one. And now I will never forget the spike to the nuts. Wow. ****

Brodie Lee & Akebono vs. Asyrian Portal: The match was horrible. The only reason it's not negative stars is because Akebono getting hypnotized and dancing was at least somewhat entertaining. DUD

Yamato & Akira Tozawa vs. CIMA & Genki Horiguchi: Excellent match there. Weird though, the crowd loved it but wasn't as vocal as previous DGUSA crowds. I guess the change of venue does matter quite a bit. Nice hard-hitting action with a bunch of false finishes. ***3/4

BxB Hulk vs. Shingo (Open the Freedom Gate Title): Another hard-hitting match with a bunch of crowd reaction. Several great false finishes. Barely the best match of the night, in my book. ****1/4

MVPs: Jacobs and Moxley. Any match with that much bleeding and a spike-to-nuts spot should automatically win MVP honors.

Overall Rating: The show was excellent. I like the idea of stables to help with storylines. Also, stables help build new stars, which WWE and TNA are not doing well at. If the Brodie Lee/Akebono tag match never happened, the show would have been better.

One more thing: if CIMA and Yoshino can speak pretty damn good English, why can't people like Khali learn? ***3/4

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