Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/16/10 NXT

Naomi vs. Kaitlyn: *1/2

A.J. vs. Aksana: *1/4

Probably the best wrestling show on NXT Season 3. All four appear to have improved from the season premiere.

Here are the official remaining NXT Rookie Divas' records as of 11/16/10:
A.J.: 5-2
Naomi: 5-2
Kaitlyn: 2-3
Aksana: 2-5

Rookie Diva Challenge Wins as of 11/16/10:
A.J.: 2 (High School Photo; Know Your Pro)
Kaitlyn: 1 (Arm Wrestling)
Naomi: 1 (Diss the Diva)
Aksana: 0

NOTE: A.J. had the most challenge wins in this challenge cycle and was immune from elimination tonight.

Know Your Pro Challenge Notes:
A.J. and Primo definitely know each other well. Surprised Vickie thought so highly of Kaitlyn's current in-ring ability.

Diss the Diva Challenge Notes:
Naomi did the best, I agree. Kaitlyn was not bad. And Cole was his usual annoying self.

Elimination Notes:
Aksana eliminated...not surprised. Next week is another elimination. Tough to predict who will be the next to go. If I had to pick one, it would likely be Naomi because the crowd seems to really like A.J. and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn has the only real storyline of the season with Vickie/Dolph right now, and A.J. of course is simply the darling "nerd" of the competition that has the captivating smile. It really might all come down to who gets any sort of immunity next week to determine who stays and who goes.

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