Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11/23/10 NXT

Kaitlyn vs. Nikki Bella: 1/2*

A.J. vs. Naomi: **1/4 (best NXT Season 3 match and right up there with the best in NXT history)

Here are the official remaining NXT Rookie Divas' records as of 11/23/10:
A.J.: 6-2
Naomi: 5-3
Kaitlyn: 2-4

Rookie Diva Challenge Wins as of 11/23/10:
A.J.: 1 (WWE Trivia)
Kaitlyn: 1 (Last Sumo Standing)
Naomi: 0

NOTE: Standings reset, but doesn't matter. No immunity tonight for anyone.

WWE NXT Trivia Challenge Notes:
A.J. knows her trivia...another win.

Last Sumo Standing Challenge Notes:
I was on the phone with my dad during this one, so I pulled a Michael Cole here. Apparently Kaitlyn won. Sure...next!

Elimination Notes:
A.J. eliminated. I'm a bit shocked by this, especially because she seemed to have the WWE Universe's backing. At least she goes out with the best record in NXT Season 3 (6-2) and a whole lot of challenge wins. Should be an interesting finale...and of course, not many will care. Funny how Cole and Josh Mathews actually started to care a little at the end of the show.

A.J. will definitely have a spot on the roster in due time, that's for sure.

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