Friday, January 20, 2012

1/20/12 Smackdown

Cody Rhodes vs. Hornswoggle Justin Gabriel: *3/4

Primo & Epico vs. Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso (Tornado Tag): *1/4

Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus (Tables): *1/4

Ted DiBiase vs. Hunico (Flag): *

Drew McIntyre vs. Santino Marella (Blindfold): N/A (WTF?)

Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry (Lumberjack; World Heavyweight Title): *

Woohoo, DB starts the show off. Good promo, although DB's full promo potential hasn't been unleashed. For once, Cole stays silent when DB speaks.

The roulette wheel is back! Cody gets Player's Choice so he can pick anyone. "I pick him." Camera cuts to Ezekiel Jackson. Cody says not him. Camera to Santino. Santino points to Hornswoggle. Ouch. Justin Gabriel to the rescue! Cole, you must be off your rocker when saying Gabriel hasn't won a match in a year...he just won the other week. Not a bad match here.

DB and Mark Henry will be a Lumberjack match. Mark Henry getting pops! Guess Bryan is doing his job as a heel.

Apparently Rikishi was in attendance to see his sons (the Usos) in action. Wish he coulda been on TV just to make one more appearance. This is a tornado match, which I haven't seen in a long time. All four guys allowed to be in the ring, no tagging. First team to score a pin or submission wins. Double butt smash in the corner! Cole even referenced that Rikishi was around for this show. The Puerto Rican cousins are on a roll.

Sheamus in a tables match later tonight.

Shucky ducky quack quack! It's Brodus! Announcers like it, and I admit it's pretty entertaining. He's in a dance-off with...Vickie Guerrero?! Vickie looks like she's having a seizure as she dances. Oh good grief. Brodus then does his thing. I liked Cameron and Naomi better. This was not even a dance contest. I think I threw my breakfast up watching all the jiggling.

REGAL?! Oh yes! Did Brodus call Regal a funky chicken? Regal's gonna dance! ROFL, Regal's awesome!
Aw Funk It! Regal gets flattened. That last part was good.

Sheamus and Barrett in a tables match. Pretty good agility to avoid the table on some of the spots. Jinder interferes and Barrett gets the win off the distraction. Sheamus is miffed and Jinder pays the price after the match. Jinder through the table much like how Sheamus put Cuban through the table many moons ago.

Hunico and DiBiase in a...flag match?! OK,not expecting much of this one. Just beat down your opponent enough so you can get your flag. Stalling with pre-taped promos! This was OK for what it was. Vintage Hacksaw Jim Duggan reference!

Long says McIntyre is fired, but Santino, of all people, comes to the rescue. Time to double down! Oh crap. A blindfold match. This will not be good at all. Swinging blindly and wildly. Heck, Drew even punched the ringpost. Ow. Even when McIntyre removed the blindfold for a bit, he still missed Santino. Sad. I refuse to rate this one. Guess Drew's getting the pink slip. divas match on the show? Didn't really miss it, but just had to note that.

Main event intros for the world title match. Superstars surround the ring. Daniel Bryan still gets chants from some people. Henry with the upper hand for most of the match. Henry clotheslined DB big time and pounced on DB for the cover. Typical finish with all the lumberjacks beating the hell out of each other. DB walks away from the chaos in pain. It's a no-contest, I guess.

DB complains to Teddy Long. Long says it's a triple threat match at the Rumble for the title...DB vs. Show vs. Henry -- in a STEEL CAGE. Triple ouch.

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