Friday, January 20, 2012

1/19/12 Impact

Gunner vs. AJ Styles: *1/2

Crimson vs. Magnus: 1/2*

Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne (Cage): **

Eric Young vs. Angelina Love: N/A

Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm: **1/4

Storm starts off the show wanting Roode and a shot at the gold. He's over Angle now. Hardy comes out and says he got screwed twice within a week, and no one else gets a shot until he gets his final shot. Storm says he got screwed before Hardy. And here comes Roode and his logic of neither gets a title shot. Sting says nope. #1 contenders match between Hardy and Storm.

Flair accompanies Gunner to the ring. Flair wants to be at the WWE HOF ceremony when the Horsemen are inducted. I'm guessing it happens, since Flair was there last year. If only Ric had not had so many ex-wives and gotten in so much trouble with the law, he coulda legitimately retired years ago. Typical good Styles match that I wish got a few more minutes. Daniels and Kaz come out. Kaz decks Styles while Flair has the ref distracted. Gunner gets three. Gunner tries to take AJ out on the concrete but escapes.

Really? Bully Ray hasn't lost a singles match since he became a singles star? Uh, that'd be incorrect.

Crimson and Magnus didn't last too long. Of course Crimson was winning. Joe takes out Crimson. Morgan tries to help, but gets taken out as well.

Eric and ODB is amused. EY is weird...we all knew that one.

Garrett Bischoff training! Whoa, what a video package? Can you sense the sarcasm?

Knockouts cage match next. Madison hesitant, as one would expect. Gail says she has Madison's back, but leaves the area. They made it past one commercial break, a rarity for a Knockouts match! Past the 10-minute mark (including time during commercial) and they're still going. Whoa, actually physical here by throwing Madison in the cage! Mickie's DDT gets three. Pretty good.

Mickie's wanting the Knockouts Title. Three-way match next week for the #1 contender spot. Mickie vs. Velvet vs. Tara.

Time for Austin Aries and his gloating. Alex Shelley?! Haven't seen him in ages, and he's got a mohawk (sorta) going. Blonde streak of hair in the middle, almost shaved brown hair on the side. Looks like a punk rocker. Shelley wants a title shot and Aries doesn't like it. Shelley tells Aries to pick his opponent and Aries will give Shelley a title shot if he prevails. Guess that's for next week.

Winter and ODB fight in the back, with Winter prevailing on that one. Angelina Love called out Eric Young?! Oh, this will be interesting. EY locks up with the ref? Yeah, he's nuts. Eric basically stalls here. Angelina kicks Eric low for a DQ. No match. Spike TV has a policy of no men-on-women violence, so this was how to get around that problem. ODB made the save.

#1 contenders match ends the show. Main event intros. Crowd amped up for this one. Tully Blanchard reference from Taz, fitting since the Horsemen will be inducted into the WWE HOF later this year. Good match here, both guys had shots to prevail. Bully Ray interferes, takes out the Brian Hebner, whips both wrestlers with the steel chain, then punches Earl Hebner. Sting comes out with the baseball bat and decks Bully. Roode comes out and takes both wrestlers out as well. Match is a no contest, according to Roode.

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