Thursday, January 12, 2012

1/12/12 Superstars

Wade Barrett vs. Yoshi Tatsu: *1/4

Evan Bourne vs. Michael McGillicutty: **1/2

Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly: 3/4*

Hmm, I think it's been a while since Wade Barrett was on Superstars. Standard match here to help get that Winds of Change (Bossman Slam) move over as a finisher.

I'm not a fan of the rule where you can be in the Royal Rumble match itself, plus another match on the card (for storyline purposes). So basically, Ziggler could be in the WWE Title match and then be in the Rumble later on if need be. It just takes a spot from another person who coulda been on the show. Now, I'd be for Ziggler pulling double duty, but there may be other people that should at least get on the show, if even for a few seconds of fame. There can only be one winner (unless we do that eyeroll-inducing double winner dealie all over again).

They showed the World title match from last week's Smackdown between Daniel Bryan and Big Show. Yup, blood was coming out of Bryan's mouth. It was a good match, considering the size disparity. The one thing I don't get...why did it take the ref so long to realize it was a DQ when Henry shoved Daniel?! He saw the whole thing, didn't he? Again, I'm loving the heel tendencies and characteristics DB is showing. Trust me, Bryan will be very good as a heel.

I've read reports that Bourne is in hot water for reasons unrelated to him smoking that marijuana stuff with R-Truth a few months ago. Still, he had a pretty lengthy match on Superstars with McGillicutty...and Evan won. So how is he in the doghouse? He's still one half of the tag champs and he's still winning.

 A divas match was the main event of Superstars? You don't see that one every week. This was maybe a five-minute match, which is still longer than many divas matches anyway. The whole Twin Magic switch thing has gotten extremely lame. KK didn't help matters here. They did the switch right in front of her face (behind the ref, of course), then decides to walk right into the trap. Really? And just hitting your face on the turnbuckle (with Nikki's feet on the ropes) gets a win? Horrible.

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