Friday, January 13, 2012

1/12/12 Impact

Matt Morgan & Crimson vs. Robbie E and Robbie T: N/A (squash)

ODB  vs. Winter: *1/4

James Storm vs. Kurt Angle: ***1/4

Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy (World Title): ***1/2

The video package showed Bobby Roode basically caressing and kissing the title. Hell, why don't we have a marriage ceremony to make it official?

Roode comes out to slightly different music (just no lyrics in there now). Roode is convincing me that he's a main eventer. He's embracing his heel role real well. Loved the opening segment with him and Sting. Short, entertaining, and further showcasing the power struggle between boss and world champion.

This whole Jersey Shore knock-off thing is lame. But if it gives something for Rob Terry to do, then sure. Tag champs just took care of these two in a squash. Magnus and Joe jump the champs to make a statement. At least I liked that part.

Immortal still exists? I guess if the whole point is to make Garrett Bischoff relevant, then that's fine. The younger Bischoff is fighting back, and he has a new trainer. Sounds good to me.

Winter and Angelina...haven't seen them in a while. These two are real cool when you meet them in person. I actually had forgotten they were still together for storyline purposes. I don't think I'll ever get tired of ODB's character. She and Eric Young were clearly meant to work together. This stuff was entertaining, and while I'll likely never be able to take EY seriously again (unless he tries the whole World Elite thing), I'm cool with it. I think ODB's TKO finisher is called the "BAMF." Fitting.

AJ wants answers from Kaz. Kaz won't spill the beans. Daniels is excellent in his heel role. Very good stuff coming. I hope they don't drop the ball with this.

Storm calls Angle out. Angle says he has the night off. Sting says nope...Storm and Angle tonight! Angle has to go back, change into wrestling gear, and wrestle Storm. That's pretty impressive, even if actually pre-planned. The winner here faces the winner of the main event World Title match (presumably next week). Angle tried a few ways to win dirty that didn't work. This was a great match that shows just how talented these guys are. Storm won, which means Roode's likely winning (probably by crook) later in the night.

Roode and Bully Ray talk in the back. Yup, Bully's got Roode's back. Important to remember this....

Ha, Madison is calling Sting "Mr. Sting." That was good. Oh, and Madison faces Mickie next week. Ta ta, for now!

Main event title match, and if Roode gets intentionally DQ'd, the title changes hands. Roode's not a dummy, he'll find a loophole. Main event intros -- with Roode still on the entrance ramp. Nice crowd reaction at the start as Hardy goes after Roode. Dixie and her husband in the crowd. The early battle outside was apparently BEFORE the bell even rang. OW, Hardy tried for that Poetry in Motion-like move on the outside but his back went smack into the rail. Ref actually broke the count and started over when Roode got in the ring, so Hardy was able to get in at 9. This was excellent. The last few minutes were great, and the end made sense (Bully Ray taking the ref out).

Roode and Storm next week!

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