Sunday, December 5, 2010

12/5/10 Final Resolution

James Storm & Robert Roode vs. Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal: A good opener to start. Nice moves from both teams. **1/2

Tara vs. Mickie James (Falls Count Anywhere): Excellent buildup for this match. Very nice, physical action. This gets a better rating from me than their last PPV match because this one played off its gimmick match well. I wish spraying the fire extinguisher was not the end of things; it was going quite well. **1/4

Robbie E. vs. Jay Lethal (X-Division Title): I was amused that Cookie was put inside the shark cage by Shark Boy. But hell, what in the world happened to Lethal? I liked his Black Machismo gimmick, but since dropping that, he's been just another wrestler to me in terms of character. Picked up a few wins. And I hate Taz doing the "Oh! Oh! Oh!" thing when Robbie is doing the fist pumps. **

Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino (First Blood): Nice physical match. Each man took it to the other and a fitting ending with the Van Terminator. **3/4

Douglas Williams vs. AJ Styles (TV Title): Real awesome match. These two really gave it their all out there. Chaos Theory on the outside was a great spot. Even more surprised with the finish...Williams beating Styles with the Styles Clash. ***1/2

Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley vs. Max Buck & Jeremy Buck (Full Metal Mayhem; Tag Team Titles): Match of the night for sure. Chaos everywhere. Major spotfest. Lots of fun everywhere. Basically, the Guns won via not dying. Awesome. ****1/4

Abyss vs. D'Angelo Dinero (Casket): I honestly had no idea how to rate this. It wasn't bad, but I think after Full Metal Mayhem, not as many people cared. I sure as heck didn't care much for it. *1/2

Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett (Submission): Decent, although I wish Gunner and Murphy didn't get involved before and during the match. Nice use of submission moves. Jarrett winning was important to establish his new MMA persona -- and to set up a feud with Kurt Angle. **

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan (No DQ; World Title): I wasn't a big fan of this last match. Signature moves were hit, there was a back story between Hardy and Anderson (special ref), and Anderson played his role well. However, it lacked a big-match feel, and Bischoff's involvement with the ref was just one more in a line of "let's make sure the heel keeps the belt" attempts. *3/4

MVPs: Guns and Generation Me, easily. They tore the house down.

Overall Rating: It was a decent PPV. Solid matches on the first third and awesome matches in the second set of three matches. However, the final three matches left something to be desired. I would have wanted Mickie to win here, but there's no harm in waiting a little while longer for Mickie's Knockouts Title shot. ***

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