Sunday, December 19, 2010

12/19/10 TLC

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger (Ladder; IC Title): There were some good ladder spots,but I felt like they were not given nearly enough time. And of course, this ladder match was real tame; no real huge spots. The end was not bad because the controversy will keep the title chase going for Kingston and Swagger. **1/2

Natalya & Beth Phoenix vs. Michelle McCool & Layla (Tables): Pretty good, I'd say. Double Sharpshooter spot was unique. Pretty sure the table was supposed to break when LayCool both fell on the pink table, but I'm actually glad it didn't. Natalya doing the splash at the end to win it was a fitting end. **

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (Tag Team Titles): Just your basic tag match with a DQ ending. Eh. *

John Morrison vs. Sheamus (Ladder): Good history and storyline buildup between the two. Many great spots, especially the Morrison corkscrew from the top of the ladder. WWE rightfully gave these two a bunch of time. Because of that, the crowd was able to get into it a lot more at times. Sick ladder spot, and it definitely was Morrison's biggest win (so far) of his career. ****

The Miz vs. Randy Orton (Tables; WWE Title): I really am starting to dislike these types of dirty finishes for Miz to retain his title. I know it would be great to see Miz vs. Morrison again, but at least make Miz look stronger instead of a weak champion escaping to fight another day. Nice crowd reaction for this match at least. **1/2

Edge vs. Kane vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio (TLC; World Heavyweight Title): Excellent match. Great carnage in this one. To me, this was better than the Morrison ladder match due to more sick spots (i.e., Del Rio's fall from the ladder through the table), a wider radius of chaos (they brawled to the stage), and more action (easier with more people). Great job all around. ****

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett (Chairs): The predictable way to finish this one off. Cena takes out the leader. Nice to see the AA on six chairs, but the bigger question now is what happens to Nexus. Does Barrett go off on his own while the rest of Nexus stays together? **3/4

MVPs: Edge wins another World Title, but special mention must go to John Morrison for his big win tonight against Sheamus. Perhaps this will be the win that allows Morrison to break through the glass ceiling?

Overall Rating: I thought it was a very good show. Virtually all the matches were solid -- including the Divas match. I assume WWE threw in the tag title match at the last minute because Santino on the show = win. That tag match was a downer as far as match quality goes.

One gripe: why wasn't Punk on the broadcast team all night? He shoulda replaced Lawler. But hey, at least he got air time for the main event. Anyway, a fine show overall. ***1/4

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