Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5/11/10 NXT

Wade Barrett vs. Heath Slater: *1/2

Skip Sheffield vs. Darren Young: *

David Otunga vs. Justin Gabriel: *

Yay! An NXT without stupid competitions!

Wow. Talk about curveballs. So WWE management eliminates Daniel Bryan (finishing with an official NXT record of 0-10) and Michael Tarver (1-7) based on what they said last week. Then Skip Sheffield (2-5) got voted off by being last in the second Pro's Poll.

Does this mean David Otunga is winning the entire thing? Or maybe it will be Wade Barrett? Now I'm really confused as to who the frontrunner really is.

In any event, I would expect Daniel Bryan to show up on WWE programming in the very near future anyway -- likely on RAW to face Miz. Last night, a friend told me that some people on the internet thought of having Daniel Bryan be an "honorary Hart" and face Miz for the U.S. Title in place of Bret Hart next week on RAW. Who knows...that might actually happen now.

Just remember what Daniel Bryan said on his last NXT promo tonight. "Daniel Bryan" took Batista to the limit but couldn't beat any NXT rookies. However, "Bryan Danielson" was the one who made a name for himself and kicked ass all over the world. Could it be a repackaging in progress and will it be Bryan Danielson on RAW to face Miz?

Here are the results of the second Pro's Poll:
Wade Barrett
David Otunga
Justin Gabriel
Heath Slater
Darren Young
Skip Sheffield (eliminated)

Here are the official records of the remaining NXT rookies as of 5/11/10:
Darren Young: 7-3
Justin Gabriel: 5-3
Wade Barrett: 6-4
David Otunga: 5-4
Heath Slater: 5-4

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