Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1/4/11 NXT

Over-The-Top-Rope WWE Pro Battle Royal: * (So Ziggler wins and trades away Novak for Byron Saxton...good move)

Byron Saxton vs. Jacob Novak: *1/4

Brodus Clay vs. Johnny Curtis: *

Here are the official NXT rookie's records as of 1/4/11:
Conor O'Brian: 2-0
Byron Saxton: 3-1
Brodus Clay: 2-1
Jacob Novak: 1-2
Johnny Curtis: 1-3
Derrick Bateman: 0-3

NOTE: Not sure what to make of the prize the winning rookie receives: a WWE Tag Team Title shot with his pro as his tag partner. It sounds good, since the rookie will not likely be main eventing anytime soon (and thus wouldn't make sense to put him in the WWE Title match just yet). But then again, I kinda liked how Daniel Bryan used his title shot to win the U.S. Title from The Miz. But then again, we're talking about Daniel Bryan....

Challenge Wins:
Johnny Curtis: 5 (Obstacle Course (2), Power of the Punch (2), Talent Show)
Conor O'Brian: 4 (Battle of the Mic (4))
Derrick Bateman: 3 (Wheelbarrow (2), Hot Seat Trivia)
Byron Saxton: 1 (Karaoke)
Jacob Novak: 1 (Capture the Flag)
Brodus Clay: 0

NOTE: Johnny Curtis won immunity tonight for having the most immunity points.

Battle of the Mic Challenge (4 points):
I liked that this was worth4 immunity points because mic talking is huge in WWE if you want to survive.

Round One: I thought Brodus and Curtis were bad on the first pairing. Bateman and Saxton were both decent. Novak was below average. O'Brian was good.

Round Two: Curtis spent too much time on Bateman. Bateman was good. O'Brian was also good with the snaps. O'Brian won, but I thought Bateman should have won because I felt he was more creative. Anyone can think of "Yo Mama" jokes.

NXT Elimination:
Jacob Novak was eliminated tonight. A wrestling record of 1-2 and one immunity challenge win. To me, it was an easy elimination. The only thing else I remember about this guy is that he wears white.

I seriously want Brodus Clay or Derrick Bateman to win. Clay is intimidating and has great work ethic (from what I have read online). Bateman has serious talent and might only be considered a dark horse due to (1) Daniel Bryan being his pro and (2) his seemingly goofy (or not taking things seriously) gimmick. But Bateman's goofy gimmick is entertaining, and I like it.

Conor O'Brian has some rat gimmick I guess. Wouldn't get him to main event status by any means, I don't believe, but at least it could be good for comedy relief -- somehow.

Johnny Curtis could be considered a dark horse to win. He's won a bunch of challenges, but can he impress me on the mic and in wrestling matches?

And Byron Saxton...not sure what to make of him yet. Good talent, and he's winning, at least. His pairing with Ziggler should blossom into something, I'd think.

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