Sunday, January 30, 2011

1/30/11 Royal Rumble

Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler (World Heavyweight Title): So if Edge used the spear, Ziggler would win the title. This was a tremendous match. Edge brought back his Edgucator submission move, too, a welcome sight to me. Wow, Killswitch FTW! Basically, this was a test for Ziggler to see if he could have a great match on a big stage. He passed with flying colors. Match of the night for me. ***3/4

The Miz vs. Randy Orton (WWE Title): The two big title matches at the start? Sure. Another solid match here with a lot of suspense. New Nexus of course made the difference. I did wish Miz went over clean, though. I'm not a fan of too many dirty wins to retain the title. ***

Natalya vs. Michelle McCool vs. Layla vs. Eve Torres (Divas Title): Changed to a Fatal Four Way at the last minute. I do like the outcome because McCool gets to protest and Natalya can still challenge for the belt because she wasn't officially pinned. All about the continuing storyline. Oh, the match? Um, didn't really watch much of it, but it was not horrid, in my book. *

Royal Rumble: Wow, Rumble already? Every 90 seconds, a new guy enters. Guess that's what happens when you have 40 superstars in this year. It was a very nice Rumble. ***1/2

Royal Rumble play-by-play below:

Punk is #1, awesome! Corre and New Nexus brawl. Anonymous GM says everyone but Punk go to back or they are DQ'd from the Rumble. OH SHIT! Daniel Bryan is #2! WIN! Crowd marking out for both big time.

Gabriel of Corre is #3 and goes after Punk. Gabriel misses the 450. Bryan eliminates Gabriel.

Zack Ryder is #4. Striker says Ryder has the Nasty Boys trunks on, lovely. Bryan eliminates Ryder. Back to Bryan and Punk.

William Regal is #5. Great talent in the ring right now. Knee Trembler to Punk. Bryan and Regal trading Euro uppercuts. Punk kicks Regal and Bryan kicks Punk.

Ted DiBiase is #6. DiBiase tries to eliminate Punk, no success. Bryan tries to eliminate DiBiase, no success.

John Morrison is #7 and goes after everyone. Flash kick to Punk. Great move to Bryan. Morrison knocked out by Regal, BUT Morrison hangs onto the barricade. WOW, not eliminated because both feet never touched the floor. Regal eliminated. Morrison jumps onto the steps and gets back in the ring. Damn.

Yoshi Tatsu is #8 and goes after DiBiase. No New Nexus help officially for Punk yet.

Husky Harris is #9 to help Punk out. Bryan and Yoshi kicking DiBiase. Punk back suplexes Bryan.

Chavo Guerrero is #10, sixth guy now in the ring. Impressive start for Chavo. Three Amigos attempt on just about everyone in the ring. Always getting broken up on the third one, but Chavo finally gets the full Three Amigos on Bryan.

Mark Henry is #11, ruh roh. Henry eliminates Chavo. Yoshi tried to chop Henry, but gets nuked. Henry eliminates Yoshi.

JTG is #12 and goes after everyone. DiBiase and Morrison square off. Bryan and Punk square off. JTG and Henry go at it. I don't think this is every 90 seconds.

Michael McGillicutty is #13 to help Punk. McGillicutty eliminates JTG. Punk and Husky eliminate DiBiase.

Chris Masters is #14 and goes after New Nexus. Punk hides behind Husky in the corner. Masters gets Masterlock on Punk and almost eliminates Punk...not quite.

David Otunga is #15 to help Punk. New Nexus has a big presence now. New Nexus eliminates Bryan and Morrison. All four guys eliminate Henry. Only four New Nexus guys in the ring now.

Tyler Reks is #16...not a good situation for him. New Nexus beats Reks up and eliminates him. Who will be #17?

Vladimir Kozlov is #17 and immediately gets overwhelmed by New Nexus. Punk eliminates Kozlov after about 15 seconds. New Nexus dominating. Who's next?!

R-Truth is #18 and gets nuked as well. Truth is gone after about a minute-plus.

OH CRAP. Khali is back at #19! He takes out Husky! Punk begs off.

Mason Ryan of New Nexus is #20 to help Punk. Mason takes out Khali!! Punk in a crucifixion sacrificial pose.

WTF? Booker T is #21?!?!?!?! Booker gets to New Nexus! Crowd marks out for spinaroonie! Booker nearly took Punk out, but Mason eliminates Booker. That was worth the minute he was in.

JOHN CENA is #22! Great spot to put him in, since he faces New Nexus now and probably Corre later. Cena taking it to New Nexus. Cena takes out McGillicutty, Mason, and Otunga. Down to Cena and Punk right now! Crowd is going bonkers. Punk tries for GTS, countered out, double KO spot. Who is #23?

WTF? Hornswoggle is #23?! He mocks Punk, and Punk knocks Hornswoggle down. Punk back to work on Cena. Cena AAs Punk over the top! Punk is gone! Down to Cena and Hornswoggle in the ring now.

Tyson Kidd is #24...and gets double-teamed by Cena and Horny. Cena AAs Kidd. WTF, Horny does an AA to Kidd as well! Kidd is tossed out by Cena.

Heath Slater is #25. Cena does his hulking up moveset to Slater. Double Five Knuckle Shuffle to Slater. Tadpole Splash to Slater. Cena eliminates Slater.

Kofi Kingston is #26. Interesting. Starting out slow after staring at the WM27 banner. Kofi gets the upper hand for now. Horny just standing on the side.

Jack Swagger is #27, goes after Cena and Kofi. Horny helps Kofi deliver a Boomdrop to Swagger, ha.

King Sheamus is #28, here we go. Knocks down Kofi. Irish Curse to Cena. Sheamus knocks down Horny. Horny loading up for...Sweet Shin Music? Cena saves Horny. Swagger knocks down Cena. Brogue Kick eliminates Hornswoggle. OK, back to serious business.

Rey Mysterio is #29. Rey doing well. Sheamus breaks up the 619 attempt on Swagger. Trouble in Paradise to Sheamus. Swagger held on, but Rey eliminates Swagger with a 619.

Wade Barrett of the Corre is #30, goes after everyone. Wasteland attempt to Kofi broken up by Rey. Barrett gets in most of the offense early in his appearance.

Dolph Ziggler is #31! Goes after Kofi first. Kofi and Cena tried to take out Barrett. Barrett tried to take out Cena, no success.

YES! DIESEL IS #32! His hair is jet black again! Diesel going after everyone.

Drew McIntyre is #33, goes after Diesel. Sheamus and McIntyre going after Diesel. Big "Let's Go Diesel!" chants. 619 to Diesel. Barrett works on Rey. Ring is filling up, so someone big must be coming in soon.

Alex Riley is #34, coming out to Miz's music. Cena big right hand lays out Riley. Barrett eliminates Diesel, aw. Miz on commentary now. Striker late on the Diesel elimination.

Oh crap! Big Show is #35! Show and Diesel stare down at the entrance, interesting. Sheamus and McIntyre get on Show as he enters the ring. Show still gets offense in. Chokeslam to Barrett. Show eliminates Ziggler.

Ezekiel Jackson is #36. Drew McIntyre eliminated. Zeke eliminates Show! Zeke knocking everyone down but Barrett (his own Corre team member). No New Nexus members remain so no showdown between the factions.

Santino is #37! Can he last longer than one second? Yes he can! Santino gets hammered by Zeke and Sheamus. Santino out of the ring but not eliminated. Cena is the current ironman now at over 25 minutes and counting. Zeke and Barrett try to eliminate Cena.

Alberto Del Rio is #38! Ricardo announces Del Rio, of course. This entrance might take long enough that #39 comes down as well. Rey wants Del Rio in the ring. Sheamus attacks Rey. Countdown is on, and Del Rio isn't even in the ring yet! Striker said Riley got eliminated.

Randy Orton is #39! He takes down Alberto in the aisle! RKO to Del Rio. Another to Sheamus. Another to Kofi. Kofi is gone via Orton. Sheamus gone via Orton. Orton and Cena stare down!

Kane is #40! He goes after everyone. Kane gets knocked down by Zeke. Kane pulls the ropes down and eliminates Zeke! Rey takes out Kane! Barrett takes Rey out.

Cena, Barrett, Del Rio, and Kane in the final four! Cena and Barrett pair off. Orton and Del Rio square off. Cena gutwrench suplex to Barrett. Orton stomps on Del Rio in the corner. Cena and Orton stare down again! RKO and AA are both countered. Barrett takes down Cena.

Del Rio on Cena, Barrett on Orton. Cena gives an AA to Del Rio. Riley runs interference, Miz takes out Cena! Cena doesn't like it.

Orton goes after Barrett, but Del Rio goes after Orton. Snap powerslam to Barrett, Orton backbreaker to Del Rio. Barrett eliminated by Orton, but Del Rio eliminates Orton!

Oh wait! Santino wasn't eliminated! Cobra to Del Rio! Crowd pumped up!

And Santino charges Alberto!

...Santino dumped over by Del Rio!


MVPs: This is a tough one. Edge and Ziggler really impressed me in the opener, and Alberto gets props for winning the Rumble. So those three are co-MVPs.

Overall Rating: The crowd was electrifying for this one. The Northeast has some awesome crowds (i.e., Boston, Philly). Del Rio was a proper pick to win. No HHH sighting here, although it might just be a matter of time before Sheamus faces him one more time.

The crowd went bonkers for Booker T and Diesel. Loved to see them in a WWE ring again. Apparently, Booker's appearance may not be a one-shot deal, as I read reports of him also announcing in the future. Four matches, but that's still fine for me. Very nice PPV overall. ***1/2

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