Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1/18/11 NXT

Chris Masters vs. Byron Saxton: *1/2

Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman vs. Ted DiBiase & Brodus Clay: *1/4

Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Conor O'Brian: DUD

Here are the remaining official NXT rookie's records as of 1/18/11:
Conor O'Brian: 3-1
Brodus Clay: 2-2
Byron Saxton: 3-3
Johnny Curtis: 2-3
Derrick Bateman: 1-3

Challenge Wins:
Derrick Bateman: 8 (Slingshot (2); Superstar Password (2); Know Your Pro (4))
Brodus Clay: 0
Byron Saxton: 0
Conor O'Brian: 0
Johnny Curtis: 0

NOTE: Bateman gets immunity this week!

Know Your Pro Challenge (4 points):
Seeing Daniel Bryan match Bateman all the time was funny. Some answers were actually amusing.

NXT Elimination:
Conor O'Brian was eliminated tonight. Crappy farewell speech. At least he had the best record of all the rookies (3-1) -- but his "match" with Ricardo Rodriguez was horrible. I know it was basically supposed to be a comedy match, but hell, Santino's matches are filled with comedy and they are actually good. This was just bad.

Before the show even started, I had predicted Johnny Curtis would get eliminated next. It seemed like everyone else had some sort of storyline going for them, but I just couldn't see what WWE had for Curtis. Curtis seemed pretty disinterested all night. I would say he's still next to leave.

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